Stinky Cigar Composite Ashtray

Gentlemen, we hope you're sitting down – we're about to change the game.

With this Stinky Composite Ashtray, you'll now be able to put your cigars down when smoking. Imagine how much this will change things!

Until the release of this particular product, cigar smokers of the world had to smoke the entire thing in one sitting, without laying it down. Not only did this tie up a hand for a half hour, but it also led to many tragedies when men were caught in emergency situations and could do nothing but look on in horror because they were holding cigars at the time.

Those days are over.

Not only can you lay a cigar down into this thing, but three other people can do the same! This can be a huge plus if you're struggling to make friends. Now, all you have to do is find some poor cigar lover who’s been stuck puffing on the same Toro Grande for 45 minutes, and hold out the Stinky Composite Ashtray. You'll be a hero, and you'll make an instant friend.

Of course, the problem then becomes putting down the Stinky Composite Ashtray…

After all, what good is it that you can lay down a cigar if you’re then stuck holding an entire ashtray?

Well, luckily, we also sell the Stinky Composite Ashtray Carrier, a cart on four wheels that allows you to put down your cigar and ashtray! Simply attach the four-point harness around your body, tether yourself to the carrier, place your ashtray down on it, and you're ready to enjoy a nice cigar, wherever you go.

We're all about solving problems, here, and we never leave someone holding a cigar.

Now, we know what some of you are thinking – can't you just lay a cigar down on the edge of any surface at hand? Sure, you could. But that would be downright uncivilized.

You were raised better than that. Use the Stinky Composite Ashtray.

(And the carrier cart. Don't forget that, either.)

  • Stackable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Heat Resistant
  • Perfect for Travel

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I love it. It's perfect for what I wanted it for. I wanted something to move around the yard with me, that would not break. It's got a nice deep tray, so wrappers and ash won't blow out, easily, and it's thick heavy plastic and seems very durable.


I own several little stinky cigar ashtrays. I love these for the size, how well several cigars sit and the colors (brown, Black, red). As a long time cigar aficionado, these work wonderful, are inexpensive, easy to clean and hold up.