Stay Lit Single Flame Butane Torch Lighter

As progress marches on, some things become obsolete. Its just a fact of life. And when things change, people can react two ways: 1) they can embrace the change, and move on with society, or 2) they can resist change and be left behind.Those that are left behind are a strange bunch, aren't they?

Some of them carry on in the traditional way with an odd sense of dignity and purpose. Things were done this way for so long why change? The old way is perfectly fine. Its better for you, anyway. Builds character. The new way is all wrong.

Which brings us to our point, here:

Holding down the ignition to keep a lighter lit is so yesterday.

The Stay-Lit Lockable Flame Lighter has rendered so many people old-fashioned, so quickly. As soon as it was created, people who hold the lighter button down to keep a flame going became like those insane people who still handwrite their letters, rather than emailing.

So strange. So different. So very, very crazy.

Why burn out the muscles of your forearm and hand needlessly with an extravagant display of pressing, when you could simply light a lighter, lock it down, and then move on with your life? With the Stay-Lit Lockable Flame Lighter, you can give your muscles a rest, avoid carpal tunnel, and focus on more important things, like avoiding burning some part of your face as you get your cigar going.

Isn't that more important?

Don't you care about avoiding burns to your precious, precious mug? Or are you so cavalier and stubborn that you would risk facial burns just to prove your point that things were better when everyone followed, The Olde Waye? Well, if that's what you want, then fine. Go on pressing your ignition down until your thumbs turn purple and you have no eyebrows left.

We'll be here, waving the Stay-Lit Lockable Flame Lighter around.


Without using any fingers at all.


Customer Reviews

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Gave mine away and was told that they are either ...

Gave mine away and was told that they are either stopped working or was too hard on thumbs. Yes very hard on thumbs.

5 stars





Some brake fast but not bad.Best product for the money.

The jury is still out~!

on this one. All 5 stopped working before the fluid that came in them was halfway gone. I'm thinking they were filled with cheap butane which you can't do with torch lighters. In process of trying to purge the bad and get in the good (minimum of 3 times refined) this that I am using is refined 5 times and works fine on my other set of 5 Eagle torch lighters i got previously, They worked fine all the way thru till they were empty, and were refiled and still work fine,by the way. So maybe this is just filed with bad butane...... Will find out when the jury convenes, lol