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Polished Metal Cigar 4 Stirrup Ashtray

This Polished Metal Cigar Ashtray is the perfect addition to your smoking room. Its lid has a grid design to help hold your cigar(s) when you need both hands on deck. The lid holds up to four cigars so make sure you let a few of your friends break-in your new grid ashtray with you. The deep bowl will hold all of your ashes as well as your friends ashes; the removable lid keeps all the ashes contained rather than them being being vulnerable to the wind.

Now you may be thinking, "I already have 2 ashtrays why would I need a new one?" well here at we believe there's no such thing as too many ashtrays. Especially if you are prone to hosting last minute parties or plan on hosting a herf, aka "A lively gathering of cigar-smoking comrades who meet in a place to share their appreciation of fine cigars". Clearly you would need a lot of ashtray options if you plan on having a lot of cigar lovers over and a new ashtray is just too shiny and pretty not to own. The Polished Metal Cigar Ashtray is made out polished pewter and is guaranteed to arrive shiny and pretty. This ashtray is also ideal for outside gatherings since its lid helps to keep the ash contained in the 3 inch deep ashtray. Even if you're not planning on cigar parties, this ashtray makes the perfect first ashtray with it being not too small and not too large. The Polished Metal Cigar Ashtray is certainly an ashtray built to last, so stock up on some cigars and call your friends because you have an ashtray to break in!

  • Made of Polished Pewter
  • 4 Cigar Rests
  • Can be Used Outside or Inside
  • Removable Grid Style Lid
  • 3 Inch Ash Trough

Customer Reviews

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Awesome cigar ashtray

The 4 hole ash tray fits perfectly on my arm rest on big bar chairs . Very happy with purchase. Very well made

Good product, recommend.

Really great ashtray. Works perfectly for my needs. Good product, good seller.

Excellent Product

Very well made and constructed. Works great!

Its good for what it is

I like to leave my stubs in the ashtray and let them go out. This ashtray lets me hide the butts under the cover. That is good. The disappointment to me is that there are hole in each of the stirrups that I couldn't see in the photos when I ordered. I understand that these give a way to ash your cigar without taking the lid off, but, I would gladly give this up for a solid cover that would enclose a cigar butt when I am finished smoking it and immediately stop the odor. It is entertaining to see the smoke rising out of the four holes when you put your cigar in the ashtray.

Great ashtray!

This ashtray works great. The design is nice and functional as well as being classy. Works as a great holder as well. Highly recommended.