Humidor Supreme Admiral 120 Cigar Humidor

Setting sail for a few months? Don't leave the World without your best friend, the Humidor Supreme "Admiral" Humidor!

We all know that airline ticket prices have gotten out of control lately, so why not go old school on your next vacation and spend 12-16 weeks on a ship, sailing the ocean on your way to your destination? After all, scurvy and chronic seasickness won't be a problem when you've got 120 of your favorite cigars to keep you company up there in the crows' nest, right?

Of course.

So, as you can tell, the Humidor Supreme "Admiral" Humidor has a classic nautical look to it, with sea blue colors, quadrant hinges, tarnished brass hardware, and leather and solid wood accents on the exterior. You can set this up in your cabin and feel like a naval hero from years gone by. Or, more likely, you can put it in your basement, home office, garage, or whatever other space has been left to you in "your" home. You know, the one your family lets you live with them at? Yeah, that one.

Anyway, once you've got this humidor, the Captain's going to be jealous.

Inside, the Humidor Supreme "Admiral" Humidor has everything you need to keep your sticks in perfect condition, including a humidifier and glass hygrometer. Storage and organization are simple, too, with Spanish-cedar-lined compartments. The top tray helps you showcase your favorites, while the bottom compartment has a divider to help you keep the lights from the darks when the great sea is rolling.

With this humidor, adventures on the high seas will only ever be a puff away!

(Actually, that's not true. We all know that there won't be any adventuring on the high seas, whether you've got a seafarer's humidor or not. But pretending will be so much easier this way, won't it?)

  • SureSeal Technology Standard
  • Holds up to 120 Cigars
  • Comes with Humidifier
  • Scratch Resistant Felt Bottom
  • Lined with Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • Solid Brass Quadrant-Hinges
  • Engraveable Brass Nameplate








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