Empty Assorted Wood Cigar Boxes

Wooden assorted manufacturer empty cigar boxes that are high quality and great for any craft project, such as cigar box purses, a guitar, or just for storage. Sold in cartons of 10 boxes. Boxes may include Montecristo Cabinet, Onyx, Baccarat, Abam, Acid, Cohiba, Excalibur, La Fontana, Camacho, Neptune, Te Amo, among others.

  • Use for storage or arts & crafts
  • Sizes and Style Varies from Pictures
  • Excellent Condition


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Treasure Hunt

When I purchased this package of boxes, I had one goal in mind. Find a box that will fit inside of my new Wineador. I did not want to spend the money on shelving just yet, so this was the next best option. There were some beautiful boxes, which I intend to keep. Others, however, were just cardboard boxes with wood bottoms. Which was not big deal for the price, and what I was looking for. I just felt that I should mention this. My Wineador is a Frigadaire thermoelectric unit (Lowes) for 8 bottles, with a width of approximately 7 1/2 to 8 inches, so I needed a specific box. Most boxes were 10 inches, luckily there was at one perfect fit. As I mention most of the boxes were 100% wood and very beautiful. I hope to use the wood for shelving. I would purchase these items again.


I'm quite pleased with my order. The customer service is top notch and boxes showed up undamaged and grands love them they are using them for their jewelry and small toys

Thank you

Very good customer service.

The boxes were exactly what I was looking for . I will need to order more . I am using some for crafts and storage . The service was very good and I received them in very good time. Thankyou

Old cigar wood boxes

Arrived in good time , assorted wooden cigar box is in good shape , for any crafts that I make to put knickknacks in .

beautiful boxes!!!!!

all wonderful !!!! I thought that given the quantity ordered arrived different models and unfortunately the Italian customs fees applied absurd , but I will do everything possible to make another order as soon as possible

thanks from italy