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Black Square Single Cigar Ashtray

Why just have a regular old ashtray when you can have the Black Square Single Cigar Ashtray? It's in capital letters because it's superior to the "just an ashtray." For one thing, it's square. Not a boring old round ashtray, nope, square!

And this isn't just some regular square ashtray. It's also awesomely functional. It has a cigar holder on the top of it. It's the perfect place to rest your cigar when you need to pour yourself another cognac. It's like an amazingly comfortable bed for your cigar to take a soothing nap upon. That way, when you pick up your cigar to resume smoking it, the cigar is well rested, relaxed, and without bags under its eyes.

The cigar holder also keeps your precious cigar lit. You wouldn't want it to smolder out, would you? That's like suffocation. Or death. And you'll have to work frantically to try and revive the poor dying stogie, doing chest compressions while keeping time to "Staying Alive" in the desperate hope that the spark of life will once again find its way into the wrapper. Why not just avoid this whole gut-wrenching situation? Just press the ash-dump lever and all that gross ash drops to the bottom, never to be seen again, except, well, when you clean it.

And with your cigar securely, comfortably propped up over the burnt up ashes in the bottom of the tray, you'll also guarantee that the flavor of your favorite stogie doesn't get polluted with the acrid flavor of ashes.

So treat your cigar with the dignity it deserves by using the Leather Wrapped Single Cigar Ashtray. Your cigar will be happy, and you will be happy. Just don't expect your cigar to thank you. Because it can't talk. It's a cigar.

  • Single Cigar Rest
  • Ash-Dump Lever
  • Compact Design

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Thanks for having a ideal no nonsense cigar ashtray,wish you had one that got rid of nasty odors,like a motorized iconic ashtray

Simply perfect.

A simple basic no frills ashtray that does exactly what it is supposed to do. Perfect.