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Portable Humidor

Its nice to picture yourself in the leather recliner, smoking your Cubans by the fireplace after a long day. But do we really ever have time for that anymore? You’ve got stuff to do, and taking your cigars with you is not really a preference, it’s essential.

Think of all the places you could be enjoying a smoke - wild outdoor adventures, business trips, long vacations. But, you can’t do that if your humidor isn’t portable! You need a good home humidor, but a travel-friendly one should also be in your collection.

Let’s say you’re going out for more than one evening, or want to share your cigars with friends or business associates. A small humidor limits you on selection and carrying capacity. Go for something that’s both durable, portable, and shows you’ve got taste in your cigar selection. Want to try our Jar Mayhem portable cigar jar?

This acrylic jar is specially designed to hold up to 25 cigars, and we’re going to send you a sample of ten of our favorite brands when you order. You can take it on-the-go, or keep it at home for safe and environment-controlled storage. This is perfect for the cigar newbie, who hasn’t figured out exactly what brands are best, and who doesn’t want to invest in an expensive humidor right away.

Ready to take your cigars on the road? You know you want one, need one. Plus you get to try ten different cigars in one package! We want to help you out, so take a look at our Jar Mayhem Sampler and Cigar Jar pack. Honestly, it’s one of our best portable products yet.