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Pros and Cons of Using a Plastic Cigar Case

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When it comes to protective cases for your cigars on the go, there are three materials that are most common. Metal, leather and plastic. Plastic cigar cases have a lot of strengths to them, but are the right for you?


Plastic Cigar Cases are Resilient

Plastics hold up very well against wear and tear, and a lot of bumps. Thin stainless steel cases can protect your cigars as well, but those tend to dent easier then plastic cases. If anything, a plastic cigar case will crack after an extremely hard hits. But it would take a lot of force to break a plastic cigar case. These things can take a real beating, all the while keeping your cigars protected from the abuse.

Plastic Cigar Cases are Inexpensive

Compared to metal and leather, plastic is the cheapest building material of the three. This provides a wonderful cost advantage for plastic cigar cases over the others. Even if one of your plastic cigar cases gets damaged beyond repair, replacing it will not cost you much.

Plastic Cigar Cases Offer Color Variety

Metal and leather cigar cases tend to stick to very simple, neutral colors. With plastic, the skies the limit in terms of color variety. There are even travel cases that are multicolored or come in patterns of design. This is a perfect way to add some personalization and flare to your cigar accessories.


Plastic Cigar Cases are Not a Replacement for Humidors

Cases are not humidors. Most plastic cigar cases are only meant to store and protect your cigar for a short period of time. Most lack a wood lining and do not come with a humidifying agent, so there is no way to regulate the humidity inside the case. Ultimately the plastic case just slows down the the cigar's exposure to the elements outside the case.

That said, there are many travel humidor is on the market which do offer a means of humidifying. These are often case in plastic for added protection and resiliency. Travel humidors tend to be larger and more expensive than a simple plastic travel case. Even though they contain humidifying media, a travel humidor is also not a long-term solution for your cigars. When you are back at home, make sure you take your cigars out of the plastic case and put them back in your regular humidor.

Plastic Cigar Cases Can Look Cheap

Not every plastic cigar case is very easy on the eyes. While some can be pretty stylish, most plastic cigar cases do not look as classy as their metal or leather – clad counterparts. This is really only an issue if you need something for a formal occasion, or are really trying to achieve a stylish look in all of your accessorizing.

Plastic Cigar Cases Can Lead to Mold

Since most plastic cigar cases do not regulate humidity, if a plastic case is left in a humid environment, it can trap the humidity inside the case, exposing your cigar to more humidity then is desired. Cigars that are too moist can often develop mold. Generally, the conditions would have to be extremely humid or the cigar must be left inside the plastic tube with no air exposure for a long period of time in order for this to happen. Cigar lovers to buy cigars that are sold in individual plastic tubes are familiar with this. It can be rare, especially in a case that is used for a short time, but it is always possible in the right conditions.