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Personalized Humidor

Humidors have a rich and interesting past, going back hundreds of years. In the past, these cigar containers were simply made of nailed together wood with one hinge; not the complex pieces of art that we recognize today. As people became more affluent, they looked to posses more intricate and resplendent designs. However, no matter how refined their appearance, the humidors lacked one important aspect: they did not contain Spanish cedar.


Spanish Cedar is imperative to ensuring that the humidor expels and contains humidity as and when it is needed. This, and its pleasant and mellow aroma, is why it is used in the majority of humidors in the present day. It’s also known for repelling cigar beetles, thanks to the nature of the wood which does not readily absorb heat, making a cool climate for your cigars.


Humidor makes have spent a great deal of time honing their skills and experimenting with different materials. This is based upon the needs of the smoker evolving, such as the need to travel more and for longer periods of time. Humidors can now come with various gadgets that make sure your cigars stay fresh. These include cigar beads and foam humidifiers that help keep a constant climate, and hygrometers so you can easily check the humidity when needed.


If you are looking for a classically and intelligently designed humidor, then the Baccus 200 Count Black and Burl Cigar Humidor is a prime example. This item is lined in the ever important kiln dried Spanish cedar, as well housing a traditional foam humidifier and an analog hygrometer; all ensuring that your cigars are perfectly preserved. The uniqueness of this humidor lies in its bespoke design, layered with so many compartments you won’t need an excuse to build up your collection. The exterior is tastefully finished with high gloss, two-tone design, and is a sure conversation piece for your office or man cave. The central compartment comfortably seats up to 200 of your finest cigars - the climate eternally, constantly regulated. The side compartments are designed to home any of your accessories you need close by when kicking back with a smoke. This elegant humidor also has the option of adding both wood engraving and a personalized name plate - further making this fashionable humidor an investment for your future.

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