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Personalized Cigar Humidor

Humidors are the only way to store your cigar collection. Not only do they regulate the humidity, ensuring your cigars always retain their flavor, they can also be a true statement piece and a collectable item. They are a mix of functionality and aesthetic pleasure; a great way to display your most beloved collection whilst adding a touch of finesse

So, what types of humidors are available? And what is the right type for you? Well it all depends on your preference, budget and how many cigars you want your humidor to hold. You might want a more classic piece, or something a little more unique. The most important thing is that your humidor is a quality one that will keep the climate perfect for storing your cigars, keeping them full of flavor and moist for some time.

Small humidors are ideal for those who travel and want to combine style with peace of mind and functionality. They are also a good investment for those with a limited amount of space, but who still want a first-rate humidor that will secure freshness, whilst still being sleek.   

The Humidor Supreme gway 25-50 Cigar Humidor is the perfect example of this. Boasting
SureSeal technology, its own humidifier and hygrometer and with Spanish cedar lining as standard, your cigars are always guaranteed to be stored at the perfect humidity. Not only that, it is one of the more unique humidors thanks to its original and snazzy design; the porthole top. Made of brass and glass, it creates a nautical motif that flows through the rest of the design. The ebony finish further adds to the overall appeal. There is also the additional brass nameplate, ready to be engraved with the captain’s name - nautical enthusiasts are sure to be elated.

For those on the other end of the spectrum, a large humidor can truly be a thrilling addition to any household or business.  An investment, just like a piece of art, a large humidor straddles the space between furniture and beauty. Take the beautiful Coffee Table Cigar Humidor. With enough space for up to 400 cigars, all of them on display, it is bound to be a conversation starter. The last word in opulence, this humidor is constructed of solid wood with antique brass drawer pulls and 4 rectangle humidifiers. The combination of the tempered glass and rich mahogany finish can be set off with your own engraved name plate - the finishing touch to such an extravagant piece.

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