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Personalized Cigar Cutter

The type of cutter you opt for on your cigars can really make a difference to its character. There is no wrong cut, it merely depends on what you think tastes the best. Don’t be afraid to experiment, as the type of cut alters the intensity of the smoke significantly, and you could surprise yourself. The best way to know is to experiment! Use your favorite cigar and try out different cuts to taste the difference and find out your preference. Remember, practice makes perfect…


Guillotine cuts are known for providing a wide amount of surface area. This is turn makes for a smooth, open draw. If you think the guillotine cut is for you, then there are a wide variety on offer. These cutters can be fairly inexpensive, but it you are wanting a cutter that won’t let you down and lasts for long time, then you need to pay a little more to get good quality.


Why not check these two customizable guillotine cutters on offer:


1) The Colibri S Double Blade Guillotine Cutter  

An attractive and well-manufactured cutter, the Colibri features stainless steel blades for a precise cut every time. You can purchase this cutter in three beautiful designs; black on rose, black on gold and the ever classic black on black.  This cutter is no trouble to use, attaining a smooth and sharp cut with ease, making it a great purchase for beginners and expert alike. It comfortably cuts up to a 66 ring gauge, with a spring loaded release design that ensures continuity and control. All in all, an upmarket piece of kit.

Sale Price: $41.97


2) Stainless Steel Perfect Cut Military Cutter

This cutter would be a superb present for yourself or your buddies. It comes with a choice of 5 high quality emblems: Army, Navy, Marines, Air force or Coast Guard; each one delicately designed to add to the overall aesthetic of this swish cutter. The entirety of the cutter and blades are constructed of stainless steel, ensuring longevity as well as making it a sturdy and strong item. Not only that, this piece is super lightweight, meaning it is the perfect travel companion, and it’s even self-sharpening. You can’t get much better than a blade that does the hard work for you and sharpens itself.

Sale Price: $23.97