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3 Wonderfully Unique Cigar Accessories

Cigars can become a very personal hobby. From experimenting with different varieties of cigars, to discovering how each one tastes at different humidity levels, to finding just the right punch to accentuate the experience, everyone finds a way to make cigar loving theirs. Cigar loving can bring people together, but personal preference and personal experience can help you feel like your love for cigars is different from that of all others. With a love for cigars that is unique, why not express that love in a unique way? Some of these unique cigar accessories can help further display how your love for this hobby is unique to you, which will make everything feel more personal, and provide some fantastic conversation pieces to share your love with others.

Ammo Can Humidor

These particular humidors are not recreations; they have literally been fashioned from genuine surplus ammunition cans from the United States Army. The nearly airtight seal of the ammo can provides an excellent outer structure for a humidor. Due to the ammo can’s size and shape, it can hold approximately 30-50 cigars. The emptied surplus ammo cans have been either left with the authentic used look, or have been refurbished to look fresh and new. The inside of the can has been lined with Spanish cedar to function as a proper humidor. This humidor can be personalized with your name or your particular seal from the Armed Forces. Having an atypical item in your home on display that also serves a practical function is sure to draw the eyes of your guests.

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Leather Aluminum Cigar Tube

The James Bond-level technology inside this tiny little cigar case is staggering. While most cigar tubes start and end with being a simple case to hold cigars, this one acts as a mini humidor without adding excessive bulk. This slim tube is made of durable aircraft aluminum, which has been wrapped in fine genuine leather. And you get to choose between black or brown leather. The sleek look alone is reason enough to pick up this tube. But wait, there's more! The tube features both a built-in humidifier and a built-in hygrometer. The hygrometer is even removable. Most cigar tubes are only for travel purposes, but this baby is rigged to serve as a regular humidor, should you wish to use it that way.

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Ashtro Standing Cigar Ashtray

Most ashtrays are small units that need to rest on a table or counter in order to stay within reach while you're smoking. But not this baby. The Ashtro Standing Cigar Ashtray stands at an impressive 20 inches tall, with a weighted base to prevent tipping. On the way up from the base, the ashtrays stand includes an accessory tray, which is perfect for holding lighters, cutters, or any other small items you may have with you. The handsome black ashtray itself features one stirrup and a separate compartment for ash to drop into, which will greatly lessen the amount of ash smell and residue you will have to deal with while you enjoy your cigar. How many other ashtrays can do all that?

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