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Stand Up Cigar Humidor

The serious cigar collector cannot afford to skimp on quality with a large, cabinet-style stand up cigar humidor when the storage of several hundred to even several thousand cigars is at stake. The size of the stand up humidor you need depends entirely on the size of your cigar collection and how quickly you plan to expand it, and Cheap Humidors has the widest range of humidors in terms of both style and size, with some of the most affordable prices and the best deals and discounts to be found anywhere on the market. Whether you are a casual collector or a commercial tycoon, we have a humidor that will suit your storage and aging needs. Below are two of our top picks for stand up cigar humidors from our selection of high quality cabinet humidors.

The San Marco End Table Cigar Humidor is one of the most affordable stand up humidors that we carry in stock, especially at our exclusively low sale price, but do not let the low price fool you into thinking that it is lacking in quality or style. This beautiful humidor features a maple veneer with a French antique distressed walnut finish over the traditional Spanish cedar lining that is necessary to keep cigars properly preserved and aging nicely. In addition to the high quality materials and construction, it includes a hygrometer and two large humidifiers to ensure that you can monitor and control the humidity within the humidor, as well as two lift-out trays above two dividers that are also made of Spanish cedar; these features allow for an easy maximum storage capacity of 300 cigars. The coffee table design of this humidor makes it a perfect fit everywhere from a classy lounge room to a private man cave.

For an even more avid collector, the Cigar Aging Vault has an astonishing capacity of up to 1500 cigars. All ten of the roll out drawers and the interior of the cupboard at the bottom are fully lined with Spanish cedar to combat tobacco beetle infestations and maintain suitable humidity levels to ensure that your cigars age properly. Each of the roll out drawers includes twenty-four partitions for individual cigars that are also made of Spanish cedar, ensuring the easiest aging process possible while still providing easy, instant access to your cigars whenever you need. The cupboard space at the bottom of the humidor also has space for at least several dozen boxes of cigars; this extra space is perfect for accommodating a quickly growing collection that includes cigars that will be aged to perfection before they are smoked. Because of the heavy use of Spanish cedar throughout the construction of this humidor vault, a humidifier is not necessary, nor is it included.

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