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Premium Cigar Humidors

If you are looking for top shelf premium cigar humidors of the highest quality, look no further than the amazing selection available from Cheap Humidors, the most reliable spot on the Internet to find all of your cigar and humidor needs. All of the humidors that we carry in stock are top quality, but below we have listed our most premium cigar humidors.

The Dumaine Cigar Humidor

For the discerning cigar collector in search of a premium cigar humidor to sit on a desk or a coffee table, the Dumaine Cigar Humidor is the perfect small to midsize humidor. It has a maximum capacity of up to 60 cigars, and be sure to stack your best cigars at the top - the glass window in the lid allows for a great view of your best labels. This humidor is lined with the traditional Spanish cedar, and it includes a lift out tray also made of Spanish cedar for protection in addition to ease of stacking and storage. An analog hygrometer is externally mounted to help you maintain the correct temperature and humidity to preserve your cigars, and the high lacquer ebony finish is the final touch of class for this premium cigar humidor.

Don Salvatore Sycamore 75 Cigar Humidor

Long a name of prestige in the cigar community, Don Salvatore is a well-respected name in the business of making humidors, and their Sycamore 75 Cigar Humidor is just one more of their top of the line personal humidors. Rather than the deep, dark wood finishes present in most humidors, the Sycamore has a light, bright finish, with each corner tipped with a sharp, glossy black. Spanish cedar lining and a divider will keep your cigars protected from tobacco beetles, and a humidifier and an analog hygrometer will work in tandem with the cedar to keep your cigars at a proper temperature and humidity.

The Cigar Locker Wall Cabinet

If this behemoth humidor is the only one large enough to house your collection of cigars, you, my friend, have made it to the big leagues of cigar collecting. The Cigar Locker Wall Cabinet has enough space to hold a whopping 5000 cigars; it has twelve raised compartments with slots for proper air circulation, as well as two larger compartments at the bottom for maximum storage capacity. Each of the twelve paneled compartments has a separate lock and key and a polished brass handle for the ultimate in style and function. The crown molding at the top and bottom lend this humidor an air of old-world style, and the dark mahogany finish only adds to the class and the elegance of this humidor. For the height of exceptional quality, the Cigar Locker Wall Cabinet is the premium cigar humidor.

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