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5 Perfectly Personalized Cigar Accessories

Every cigar fanatic has their accessories. How can you make yours stand out from bunch? Get them personalized. Personalized accessories are a great touch for any collection, and there are many options for cigar accessories. What’s in a name? A lot when it’s yours. Not only have personalized items always made a popular gift, they tend to add excitement and ownership to the gift-giving process.

Personalized Humidors

Many of our awesomely inexpensive humidors allow for personalization. Some models allow for names, initials, and other personal messages engraved, etched or printed on the top of the box. Having your name or initials etched into your humidor lid can make a common device a little more personal.

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Personalized Cigar Art

Wall art is great. Personalized wall art is even better. There are few things cooler than seeing your name or initials on a giant cigar on the wall. It’s like having your own brand of cigar on the market! Make no mistake: this is no flimsy little laminated sign. This beauty is made of wood and stands at an impressive 2 feet tall. Seriously, this sign will be impossible to miss. Your cigar room will have a lot of added flair, and everyone will know exactly whose room it is.

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Personalized Leather Wrapped Flask

A simple metal flask is boring, and could belong to anybody. If you’re sharing your favorite liquor, you want people to know it’s your good taste they are enjoying. The handsome leather wrapping around this flask adds immediate sophistication, which can only be enhanced with some sweet monogramming action, thanks to the free engraving.

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Beech Wood Cutting Board

Even cigar lovers need to eat. Meals taste extra special when they are prepped with care and the finest ingredients and tools. While you could sneak by with a cheap cutting board, your meal could be epically prepared on this fine beech wood cutting board, customized with engraving options. Make a declaration that you are the master of your kitchen. The hardwood has been sealed and oiled so it’s ready to go once you receive it. Get cooking so you can enjoy your meal, finished off with a fine cigar!

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Golf Ball Holder

Built much like a humidor, this handsome wooden golf ball holder features silver hinges and he didn't magnetic closures. The black felt lining on the interior of the box will make sure the golf balls inside stay protected.

This item makes a wonderful gift, especially with custom engraving added. Imagine the golfer in your life receiving a beautiful wooden box that can hold 12 golf balls that is custom engraved with their name right on the top. The personalization shows that you care, while the gift shows how much you know them.

Sale Price: $21.97

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