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6 Luxury Cigar Accessories to Enhance Your Life

Cigars automatically add an air of luxury over the common cigarette. Still, a life of luxury can be achieved by how one accessorizes. Okay, maybe not every aspect of life, but at least the cigar-smoking aspects. Let’s see a few ways to make your cigar hobby just a little more special and luxurious.

Montgomery 150 Count Studded Chest Cigar Humidor

Give your cigars the treatment of the finest treasure with this sleek treasure-chest inspired humidor. Some humidors designed to appear like other objects run the risk of looking tacky, but the refined studs and slick glossy finish give this an air of distinction. The inside is lined with Spanish Cedar, and includes a tray with extra dividers to make sure your best treasured cigars remain protected.

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Galleria Cabinet Humidor

Go big or go home. This cabinet humidor will work perfectly as an end table, while providing an above and front view of your cigars through the glass display windows. Between the top drawer and bottom cabinet opening, this humidor can hold up to 600 of your favorite cigars. The glass windows make it easy to find and monitor your cigars at any given time.

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Two Finger Leather Case

The look and feel of leather just cannot be beat. This travel case holds two cigars for any necessary occasion and not only keeps them safe from damage; it keeps them looking good until the time is right. Never be without your favorite cigar, and keep your dignify without having to carry around a hard plastic case for your cigars’ protection.

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Regalia Jewelry Box

While not necessarily designed for cigar accessories, the Regalia Jewelry Box is perfect for all of the smaller items in your life, including cuff links, tie pins and other accessories. This jewelry box is fit for a king and will keep your accessories easily accessible and looking classy. The lid of this jewelry box includes pendant hooks and a crushed velvet pouch, preserving your items until the next time they are needed. This box can also be personalized for an added regal touch.

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Air Sanitizers

An air sanitizer will keep your home smelling fresh, no matter how frequently you smoke. Not that smoke should always be removed; having an air sanitizer simply gives you more control over the air in your home, and will allow you to get rid of smoke in your house whenever you wish it. Can you say “Master of the Elements”?

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Desktop Cigar Cutter

Adding style and ease of use makes this guillotine cutter the perfect choice. Place a cigar on the holder and position, then press the guillotine down for a clean and even cut every single time. It doesn’t get any easier. The heavy-duty cigar cutter will become a wonderful conversation piece as it rests on your counter or desk.

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