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Leather Cigar Case with Cutter and Lighter

If you are looking for the perfect present for the cigar aficionado in your life, there is no better choice than a gift package of a leather cigar case with a cutter and lighter. Most gift sets include all of these items except for the lighter, which is best purchased separately regardless, making these gift sets perfect for either the budding cigar connoisseur or the longtime cigar smoker. Gathering all the bits and bobs that are necessary to fully enjoy a cigar can be tedious if you are not familiar with cigar culture; rather than stress out over potentially forgetting or overlooking an essential item, put your mind at ease and check out the fully stocked cigar gift sets listed below, on sale now at Cheap Humidors.

50 Cigar Executive Burl Cigar Humidor Kit

This gift set is perfect for helping a rookie cigar smoker level up to the upper echelons of cigar smoking expertise. A beautifully crafted humidor lined with kiln dried Spanish cedar that can house up to 40 cigars holds all the tools of the trade, minus the lighter. A two-finger leather cigar case is perfect for the traveling cigar smoker who wants to carry an extra stick to enjoy with a friend, and the stainless steel blade cigar cutter will cut cleanly and smoothly. The humidor itself also includes a foam humidifier and an analog hygrometer to perfectly preserve cigars without letting them get too dry or too wet while they wait to be smoked.

Davenport Cigar Humidor Gift Set

Looking for a gift set with even more perks and accessories? The Davenport Cigar Humidor Gift Set may not include a lighter, either, but it does include all the high quality cigar accessories the Executive Burl Kit, plus some extras. The humidor that the gift set is packaged in has a built in foam humidifier and an analog hygrometer for great cigar storage. Upon first opening, you will find a cigar cutter - a beautiful pair of cigar scissors, rather than the more common double blade style cigar cutter. A leather cigar case is also included; it holds two cigars, one for you and one for a friend. The final accessory included in this handy set is a cigar ashtray, with a stirrup wide enough to hold a cigar without letting it topple over.

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While both of these gifts sets include a leather case with a cutter, neither includes a lighter that is appropriate for smoking cigars. We recommend buying a lighter separately, as torch lighters are often more difficult to find. Our personal favorite is a cutter and lighter combined in the Ever Tech Demon Triple Flame Torch Lighter and Cutter. This triple flame lighter is perfect for lighting thicker cigars with higher ring gauges, and the punch style cutter is often the preferred method of cutting amongst experienced cigar smokers.