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How the Hygro-Set Adjustable Digital Hygrometer Changed the Game

When digital hygrometers first came on the market, they were able to be calibrated (just like analog hygrometers), but they were not able to be adjusted. Calibrating your hygrometer simply means you know how far off the hygrometers reading is from what it is supposed to be. Adjusting your hygrometer is where you get the reading back to the number it should be. Analog hygrometers rely on mechanical technology that could be adjusted and the sensors will provide an accurate display of the relative humidity reading. While some more intricate adjustments might need to be done by a professional, they are still possible, and with a little time and work, even the most inaccurate analog hygrometer could start to read the dial properly.

Digital hygrometers lacked this ability. So with digital hygrometers that were unable to be adjusted, cigar lovers were only able to know the derivation of their hygrometer is measurement. This would not actually fix the hygrometer. If a digital hygrometer was calibrated, and it reads 80% when it should be reading 75, all the cigar lover could do was know that their new devices measurement was off by 5% at all times and never hope to change the equipment to give a proper reading.

Frustrating, right? It sure was.

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That’s not to say it was all bad. Analog hygrometers have been and will continue to be an option for cigar lovers. And how quickly do people get used to clocks being a few minutes fast or slow? Some cigar lovers get used to the derivations in their respective hygrometers and can simply do the mental math and leave them be. However, with more humidors (and more hygrometers to keep track), this method was not preferred by everyone.

And then the Hygro-Set Adjustable Digital Hygrometer came into the picture.

The Hygro-Set Adjustable Digital Hygrometer set itself apart from the rest pretty quickly by allowing for adjustments to the sensors within the hygrometer. This means that the easy-to-read digital readout will provide an accurate relative humidity reading every time. Not only was adjustment made possible, it was made easier than adjusting an analog model. Analog adjustments offer require a small tool such as a screwdriver. The Hygro-Set was built with an adjustment knob (on the front!) that only required a prudent use of hand turning to adjust the hygrometer to the newly calibrated reading.

As with any hygrometer, be sure to calibrate before adjusting your Hygro-Set. Simply relying on a factory’s calibration is not always the wisest choice. Take the time to perform either a salt test or a calibration with a one-step calibration kit to find out your hygrometer readout’s accuracy first. Then you will know how much adjusting is necessarily.