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Get More Bang for Your Buck with a Golf Cigar Holder Divot Tool

To the surprise of absolutely no one, cigar holders are really good at hanging onto your cigar for you while you’re busy not smoking it. On the golf course, your focus might switch between your golf game and your fine cigar, so a good holder is a great idea. Most cigar holders for golfing are designed as a clamp that attaches to your golf cart, or a little cradle on the side of your golf bag. While those options are fine, whenever you’re smoking your cigar, your fine piece of extra equipment is standing there, looking pretty, and doing nothing helpful.

Unless of course your cigar holder was not just a cigar holder but also a multitool of Swiss Army Knife proportions. Some of our golf cigar holders feature divot tools as well as other functions to keep your cigar holder working throughout all 18 holes. Unlike clamp-style cigar holders, most divot tool cigar holders are designed to either be pushed into the turf of the golf course or to simply rest on the grass. While it does keep your cigar low to the ground, the cradle will make sure your cigar never touches the grass.

Most of these multi tools come with other features, which keeps the tool useful when it is not holding your cigar. Some of the features include ball markers, club head cleaners, golf grip savers and bottle openers. Some models even have 2 separate bottle openers for twist-off bottles and pry-off bottles, so you’re prepared for anything out on the course. But seriously, don’t be that guy. Take your bottle caps with you. And actually use the divot repair tool to fix the green when you’re done golfing on each hole.

According to the USGA, golf players should take care to repair any divots or ball marks on the green after playing each individual hole. The divot repair tool is perfect for repairing the green.

Start by finding the ball mark you wish to repair and insert your repair tool into the ground and a 45 degree angle just outside the edge of the divot. Press your tool down and then forward to push the ground closer to the center of the hole. Do not push the ground upward; that would probably do more damage to the grass. Move your tool to the side, to push the ground back into the hole. Repeat these steps on the other sides of the hole until the entire thing is filled with turf. Tap down on the area lately with a putter to complete the repair. You’re done, and you can move on to the next hole feeling accomplished, knowing that not only did you leave the green in perfect condition for the next guy, you did it while enjoying your favorite cigar.