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Why You Need a Golf Cigar Holder

For those moments where you need to focus on your golf game instead of your cigar, investing in a golf cigar holder is a very wise idea. While there are a number of cigar holding options on the market, and even many ashtrays that will hold a cigar, not all of those are designed to move around all day, or put up with the harsher conditions of traveling a golf course. A quality golf cigar holder is required if your cigar is going to survive the day.

Clamp-Style Golf Cigar Holders

A clamp cigar holder is going to be one of your best choices. Clamp cigar holders such as the Cigar Minder feature a ring that holds the cigar, which is attached to a large clamp that you can attach to a sturdy surface, while you have both of your hands free to play.

The solid plastic construction is perfect for the golf course, as it is rugged enough to take the wear and tear of use. Most of these golf cigar holders are made with light pressure clamps, which will not damage the items it is clamps to (such as a rented golf cart). Before buying a clamp-style cigar holder, make sure the ring that makes up the cigar holder itself will hold the gauge of cigar that you are used to.

Clamp-style cigar holders also come in handy for boating and travel, or even around the house, so this particular style of cigar holder is a very wise investment that lives beyond one particular hobby.

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Stand-Style Golf Cigar Holders

Not everyone is going to love the clamp. If that is the case, there are other options for cigar holders while you are out on the golf course.

Cigars stands are usually waited at the bottom. And create a tiny pedestal for your stogie. They may not look like much, but all you really need is a surface for your cigar that is not the ground, so in that regard they work perfectly.

There are a few designs of cigar holder that include a divot tool, which will help minimize the number of items you need while out on the golf course. Other cigar holder models will not only include a divot tool, but can include other bills and whistles such as bottle openers. A number of the cigar holders fold open and closed like the tools on a Swiss Army knife, making it compact and easy to carry around when it is not being used. The folding design also creates stability for the base when it is holding your smoke.

Most of these cigar holders work to cradle your cigar, so you will have to be careful where you place the holder and cigar when it is not in your hands. Resting a stand-style cigar holder is not ideal for a golf cart when it is moving. But, for when you need to take a swing, they will work like a charm.

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