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Cuban Humidors for Cigars

Due to the strictures of the only recently lifted embargo, finding humidors specifically made in Cuba for cigars has been difficult, particularly in the American markets, and even when they could be found, they cost far more than what many cigar aficionados, even those with higher budgets than others, were able to afford. Thankfully, master humidor makers Don Salvatore have released an incredibly affordable, stylish humidor that pays an undeniable homage to the old style of Cuban packaging - the Cuban Wheel 50 Cigar Humidor.

The origins of the name of this beautiful humidor lies in its unique hexagonal shape that stacks your cigars in layers, similar to how cigars shipped worldwide from Cuba before the revolution were packaged in beehive-like rows on top of each other. The Cambodian rosewood used as the outer finish, with its deep red tones and striking grain pattern, is a high quality wood that is often used for musical instruments and upscale furniture, and the lining of this humidor is the classic Spanish cedar used to modulate temperature and humidity as well as acting as an effective repellent to tobacco beetles and their larvae.

The unique shape and high quality materials and construction are not the only exciting features that the Cuban Wheel Humidor has to offer, however. The recessed top swings open on hidden polished brass quadrant hinges to reveal an analog glass-faced hygrometer and a humidifier installed in the roof of the humidor. A tempered glass window in the front of it reveal the neatly packed cigars within, and a gold plated lock and key ensure that your stash of cigars will remain safe even in your absence. The bottom of the humidor is lined with felt to be scratch- and slip-resistant, as well.

As mentioned in the name, the Don Salvatore Cuban Wheel 50 Cigar Humidor holds, you guessed it, up to 50 cigars. This is a great size humidor for the casual cigar collector; it is small enough to sit on a desk or coffee table, but large enough to hold a decent number of cigars for a smaller collection. For a more avid collector, the Cuban Wheel Humidor on its own would not suit those with larger collections, but it works fantastically as a supplemental humidor to sit within easy reach for impromptu smoking sessions.

In spite of all these high quality and convenient features, the Don Salvatore Cuban Wheel 50 Cigar Humidor sells at a particularly reasonable price point across manufacturers, and at Cheap Humidors we pride ourselves not only on our reasonable prices for the high quality humidors we keep in stock, but on our great customer service and quick delivery time turnaround. If you are looking for a great Cuban humidor for cigars, look no further than the Don Salvatore Cuban Wheel 50 Cigar Humidor, available right here!