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8 Cigar Room Accessories

You’re ready to take your cigar hobby to the next level and create a proper cigar room. Congratulations! You are building an area that will serve your hobby for years to come. But how do you accessorize your new room to get the most out of it? We have a few suggestions on some accessories that will prove helpful.

Spare Humidors

Having more humidors than you initially need is a smart investment. As you acquire more cigars, and a wider variety of cigars, you will need the extra storage space, and you may prefer to separate different varieties from one another. Plus, having an extra humidor or two will only come in handy when your friends gift you with new cigars.

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Humidifier Activator Solution

While this accessory is not nearly as exciting as some of the others, it is a necessary part of keeping your humidifiers working in your cigars in perfect condition for smoking. Keeping a bottle or two and he will make sure that you never run out when you need it.

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Humidor Key

A small brass key for cigar humidor's is often good to operate the locks of most desktop humidor models. While you don't necessarily need to lock every single one of your humidors, it can be quite fun if you want to show off a little for any friends joining you. How often do you get to say that you are the Keymaster?

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Personalized Cigar Art

Don't forget about the walls in your room, you can't leave all of those bare! Personalized cigar adds a wonderful touch to your smoke room, keeping everything in line with the theme of your room, while adding a personal touch.

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Cigar Cutters

Much like humidors, it is good to have a few extras around. Of course, with the different styles of cutters, it never hurts to have at least one of each on hand to satisfy any preference in style. Even if you don’t smoke a cigar with a punch cut, those that do will appreciate you having a punch cutter on hand for them if they come to smoke with you.

To add a little extra flair to your cigar room, a desktop cutter will make quite the statement. The heavy-duty cigar cutter will rest on your counter or desk and provide a clean and precise cut every time, and add to the fun of preparing your cigar. The heavy cutting sounds from desktop cigar cutters are also incredibly satisfying.

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Cigar Lighters

Lighters are another accessory that you will just always need in order to enjoy your cigars. You can never have too many, especially if you are one to misplace smaller items, or plan on having a group of people over for a smoke. Having multiple people waiting to use one cigar lighter is a waste of time, and it makes you look like you couldn’t afford a second lighter. No one wants that. Have a spare or two and be ready to entertain your guests with style.

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Whether you prefer a smaller, sleeker ashtray that can fit within the drawer of a cigar holder or one of the large Stinky ashtrays that will hold ashes for days, having multiple ashtrays is vital. Keeping one within arms reach of any point in the room will make sure your cigar room stays nice and clean, and the only parts of the cigars that remain are the parts that you enjoy.

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Comfortable Seating

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you want to make sure that every bit of your cigar smoking experience is enjoyable. Treat yourself to a comfortable set of chairs or couch, something that will let you relax while you enjoy your smoke.