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5 Essential Cigar Humidor Accessories

While the humidor is essential for keeping your cigars in their best possible condition, a humidor is just not enough. If you were just getting into this hobby for the first time, there are a few other cigar humidor accessories that are essential.


The humidifier is the most essential part of a humidor, otherwise it is just a fancy looking box. Humidifiers provide a means of keeping moisture in the air inside your humidor, which will keep your cigars fresh and ready for you. Traditional humidifiers use green florist foam to hold water, which releases water vapor and raises the relative humidity. Many electronic models will release water vapor inside your humidor using modern technology, often with a higher price tag. There are also bead-based and crystal gel-based humidity solutions that will keep your cigars at their best humidity.

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Activator Solution

Most humidifiers will require activator solution to recharge every so often. Activate your solution is a solution made up of equal parts distilled water and propylene glycol (or PG). While these ingredients can be acquired and applied separately, having both combined in an activator solution makes your humidor maintenance faster and easier.

PG is very important for cigar humidifiers as it keeps the relative humidity locked to 70%. This keeps the air inside your humidor from becoming more humid than 70% RH, which is an ideal level for storing your cigars.

Only a few drops of activator solution is required every few months, so a full bottle of activator solution will last you quite a while. Still, having it on hand will prevent you from having to scramble and grab it later.

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While humidifiers and activator solution do their best to keep the humidity inside your humidor ideal, relative humidity can shift easily, which may cause potential problems for your cigars. Having a hygrometer inside your humidor will allow you to easily monitor the relative humidity level inside at any given time. Hygrometers come in both analog and digital varieties. Many humidors come with an analog model attached to the box, either inside the lid or on the front face. Not every model has this, and some people prefer digital hygrometers, so you may wish to buy a hygrometer separately. And if you own more than one in the door, you will want a hygrometer for each.

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Trays & Dividers

Trays made of cedar would do well to keep your cigars separated inside your humidor. This helps to keep your human organized, as well as to prevent the flavors of different cigars from mingling with one another. Make sure the tray will fit inside your humidor before purchasing.

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Cigar Cutters

With multiple common styles of cigar cutters, having more than one around makes sense to offer variety for you or your guests. You may find that you prefer a certain cot for certain cigar brands, enjoying a V-Cutter used with this brand and a punch cut when smoking a different brand. Keeping a variety of cutters on hand is a wise investment. Keeping them in or near your humidor will ensure they are nearby exactly when you need them.

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A solid butane lighter will go a long way in providing a clean light for your cigars. Butane is the preferred fuel for cigar lighters, as it does not affect the cigar's taste. Keeping a butane lighter in or near your humidor will make sure it is always there for you when you need it.

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