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4 Cigar Golf Accessories

Smoking and golfing: it can sound like the perfect day. But if you are not used to smoking cigars on the go, it may be a new experience from smoking at home where all of your accessories are already in one place. Luckily, these cigar golf accessories will help keep your cigar game strong all day.

Travel Humidor

The travel humidor will work wonders if you are planning on having a few cigars you are out on the course. Some may believe they could get by with just a travel tube for one or two cigars, but a travel humidor will help ensure proper humidity while on the go. Especially when you will be out in the sun all day.

Our Golf Bag Cigar Humidor is perfect for a day on the golf course. Shaped like a mini golf bag, the main compartment can hold a humidifier and up to nine cigars, while the smaller pouch is perfect for carrying other accessories like lighters and cutters. It even has a carry handle and clip so it can easily move with the rest of your golf gear.

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Butane Cigar Lighters

Butane is preferred for cigar lighter fuel since it won't affect your cigar's taste. Some lighters have been built with golf particularly in mind, such as the Vertigo Tee Time torch lighter. The single flame torch lighter includes golf friendly features including a divot tool and a removable ball marker, as well as a cigar holder. Cigar lighters such as these allow for fewer tools to be carried, which will help keep your game moving.

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Cigar Cutters

You don't need to have every style of cutter with you when you're on the go, just something that you can use quickly and efficiently. Unless you strongly prefer a different card for your cigar, a simple guillotine cutter is all you will need to get by during your game. Something like the stainless steel perfect cut golf putter will keep your cigar cutting low-maintenance while you are away from home.

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Cigar Holders

At some point you're going to need both your hands on your golf club. When that happens you may not want to keep your cigar in your mouth every time, so a cigar holder is an excellent tool to have so you can keep your cigar fresh while it is not in your hands. There are a few styles of cigar holder that can work for you on the golf course: clamp cigar holders and stand cigar holders.

The clamp cigar holders feature a ring that secures your cigar, and a large clamp construction that allows you to attach the cigar holder to a sturdy surface, such as a strut on your golf cart, while you play. These clamp-style cigar holders also come in handy for boating and travel.

Cigar stands are small and usually waited to allow you to cradle a cigar on top without worrying about it tipping over. While these cannot be attached to a moving object such as a golf cart, these cigar holders will work perfectly for short periods of time on a stationary surface.

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