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5 Cigar Accessories Gift Sets for the Cigar Lovers in Your Life

Who doesn’t like gifts? Cigar accessories make great gifts. Especially gifts for yourself. But seriously, sometimes you want to get your friends a gorgeous gift to share the love of cigars. Maybe you’re getting hitched and need to provide your groomsmen (or bridesmaids) with that perfect something to remember your special day by. I think it’s safe to say we have a few ideas for you.


If someone is just getting into cigar smoking, hooking them up with a proper humidor is going to make you look like the most generous gift giver, ever. it shows that you care about your friends smoking cigars the right way and not ruining their cigars because of bad storage. We offer a handful of kids that include not just the humidor, but travel tubes, torch lighters, ashtrays and guillotine cutters, to get any new cigar lover off on the right foot.

A humidor can also work as a gift for a more seasoned smoker, since it allows them more storage auctions for more brands of cigars without having to worry about the aromas mingling.

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Travel Humidors

Unlike a standard humidor which is built to stay in place, travel humidors can take a little wear and tear from being moved around. These durable boxes keep cigars at their peak, even on the road. A travel humidor is the perfect choice for anybody giving or receiving a gift out of town. If you add a cigar or two to the mix, they instantly have a use for the humidor on the way home. If you have a friend that travels a lot, they will get even more use out of it as time goes on.

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Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are commonly used to hold onto precious memories, whether that be your favorite autograph football, or a jersey, or a flag noting your service in the armed forces. For the cigar connoisseur, a shadow box can we use to hold cigar bands. Taking your bands and piling them up inside a shadow box makes an impressive display.

For any Friends who don't smoke, the shadow box idea can also work with beer bottle caps. Instead of collecting cigar bands, a variety of beer bottle caps can be placed inside to serve as delicious reminders of your friend's favorite beers.

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Golf Ball Holder

I’m not talking about just buying any old box of golf balls from Dick’s Sporting Goods. A boxed set of golf balls also makes a classy gift idea. It’s perfect for any friend who prefers sports over smokes. This is a great option if you are buying gifts for a group of friends all at once, and one or two don't smoke. Everyone gets a handsome wooden box, and nobody gets anything they don't want. And you look like a genius gift giver. Everybody wins.

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Wine Bottle Openers

If your friend doesn't like beer but prefers wine, hey, that's fine too. Again, don’t skimp and try to get some cheap, dime-a-dozen corkscrew for a nice gift. A wine bottle opening kit includes a finely built opener that makes uncorking a wine bottle a breeze, and often includes a foil cutter and a stopper, or other smaller accessories. These kits often come in a similar wooden box as a humidor, and can look just as handsome. Their vice may be different from yours, but this way you can both keep it classy.

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Make It Extra Personal

If you want to add a little personal touch to the gift, opting for personalization is always a great choice. Everybody feels a little more important when they see their name stamped or engraved on something, especially a brand new gift. If engraving isn’t an option, a custom name plate might be.

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