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5 Cigar Accessories for Men

Men, cigar smoking is the perfect hobby to enjoy by yourself or with a group of close friends. Much bonding has occurred over a fine smoke. We’ve collected a few of our favorite cigar accessories that make time with the guys just a little bit more special. From special humidors to a new cutter, there are many ways to make the other guys jealous of your newest cigar-related toy.

Desktop Cigar Cutter

The heavy cutting sound this desktop cigar cutter makes is so incredibly satisfying. You may find yourself smoking more just to enjoy the smooth satisfaction of this guillotine cutter taking off the caps of your cigars. A desktop cutter makes a bold statement in any room. The heavy-duty cigar cutter will rest on your counter or desk and provide a clean and precise cut every time, and add to the fun of preparing your cigar, while aiding in its ease. The track is easy to hold a cigar as you place it within the guillotine cutter, and the tray collects each cap with ease. No more picking your caps up off the floor!

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Regalia Jewelry Box

Okay, you got us. The Regalia Jewelry Box is not exactly what one would call a cigar accessory, but the Regalia Jewelry Box is a beauty for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. IT allows you to store your cuff links, tie pins and all other jewelry into one place, nice and organized, and handsomely on display.

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Ammo Can Humidor

This particular humidor can make for a touching gift if you have ever served in the US Armed Forces. But even if you haven’t, this is a really fun twist on a classic device, with a humidor fashioned from an ammunition can. The emptied surplus ammo cans get lined with Spanish Cedar to hold 30-50 cigars within its nearly airtight seal. This humidor can be personalized and can come in an authentic or refurbished look. Whether it reminds you of your old base or your older G.I. Joe action figures, this humidor is ready for action.

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Stinky Cigar Ashtrays

The extra large ash capacity of these ashtrays is downright boastful. Most Stinky ashtrays come with at least one stirrup to cradle your cigar while you attend to other matters, but will keep it waiting for you to return and claim it once again.

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Cigar Case & Flask

Drinking often goes hand in hand with smoking. If you’re on the go, this travel case lets you take both for the price of one. The holder contains a small flask with it so you have enough room to carry two of your favorite cigars and 1.5 ounces of your favorite drink (alcoholic or otherwise—hey, we won’t judge).

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