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7 Cigar Accessories Every Cigar Owner Needs

Most cigar aficionados will already have many of these items, but those beginners will want to know which cigar accessories are needed to enjoy your cigars. Do you need all of these at once? It depends on your smoking habits. IF you find yourself enjoying cigars, investing in these cigar accessories is a surefire way to have a better time, or at the very least, not accidentally ruining the cigars you’ve already bought.


With a website name like this one, of course we’re gonna list humidors first. But obviously humidors are critical for enjoying your cigars after purchasing them to keep them. By controlling the airflow and humidity, the humidor keeps your cigars in ideal condition and protected fromdamage. Humidors are built in a variety of sizes and styles, from small boxes to full walk-in structures, depending on your needs.

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Aside from well-crafted design, the humidifier is what separates a humidor from a plain old box. The humidifier releases moisture inside the humidor to keep cigars in their ideal environment. This allows the cigar’s ingredients to stay in peak condition and not dry out. You can decide between a traditional humidifier or a digital humidifier, but there are also a few other humidifying options depending on what you like.

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How do you know if the humidor and humidifier are doing their job right? You gauge the humidity. Hygrometers are designed to provide accurate readings of the temperature and humidity inside your humidor. Whether you decide on an analog dial or a digital reader, it’s important to keep your hygrometer calibrated properly so you always have an accurate reading.

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You have to put the ash somewhere, but picking the right ashtray comes down to more than just style. You have to consider a few things. Do you smoke alone or with friends? Some ashtrays are only built for one cigar, while others are built so big that you can go a month before emptying them out. Do you smoke at home or in the car? You may want to look into a travel ashtray or a larger, more stationary one. The material or finish of one ashtray may also fit in with the design of the room you plan to put it in better than others.

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The closed, capped end of your cigar needs to be cut before you can smoke your cigar. Cutters allow you to get a clean and even opening on your cigar every time. Cutters come in 3 major styles: a straight cut (or guillotine), a V-cut and a hole punch. Your cigar’s size and your personal preference will determine the best cutter to use. And remember, never bite your cigar, always cut it.

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Butane lighters are important for lighting a cigar properly, as other lighter fuels will affect your cigar’s taste. Butane is the way to go. Past that it comes down to preference in style and the number of flames you want your lighter to emit. Most butane cigar lighters emit between 1 and 5 flames. One flame is often not efficient enough for lighting a cigar but can work well to touch one up. Two flames can work perfectly for lighting your cigar, but some people like more flames because it looks cool.

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Cigar Cases

While the humidor is perfect for your home, a case is a necessity if you take your cigars on the go. The case will protect your cigars from damage. It’s not a great idea to use the case long-term since the humidity is not maintained like with a humidor, but if you are going out or traveling and only need a day or two’s worth of cigars, cases will do the trick.

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