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Cabinet Humidors for Cigars

Cabinet Humidors for Cigars So if you have been steadily growing your home cigar collection, having enough desktop or tabletop humidors to house all of your cigars is quickly going to clutter up all of your counter space; it may be time for you to consider a larger cabinet humidor for cigars. Even smaller cabinet humidors have capacities of up to 300 cigars; the largest, usually reserved for commercial cigar retailers and the most avid cigar collectors can hold up to 5000 cigars at a time. At Cheap Humidors, we strive for excellence in the quality of our cabinet humidors as well as affordable prices. Below are some of our top picks for cabinet humidors for cigars.

The Lauderdale End Table Cigar Humidor

This compact humidor is a favorite for home cigar collections. The solid construction boasts a golden cherry veneer and brass handles and hinges that will look great in any home. Lined with the classic Spanish cedar that both maintains humidity levels and repels tobacco beetles and their larvae, this humidor has a slotted drawer at the top for cigars as well as two adjustable shelves in the base, also made of Spanish cedar, giving it a maximum capacity of up to 1000 cigars. Although this humidor does not include a hygrometer or a humidifier, it does include an interior electrical outlet to power an electronic humidor - a great perk, especially for a humidor at this price point.

The Montegue End Table Cigar Humidor

This humidor has an even bigger capacity than the Lauderdale Humidor described above, with a maximum capacity of 1500 cigars. The Montegue End Table Cigar Humidor has an even larger drawer on metal slides that includes three dividers, and in the base, there are two removable and adjustable shelves. Both the drawer and the double paneled doors to the base of the humidor each have a separate lock and key for thorough security, and the maple veneer, cherry parquet finish, and brass door handles and hinges give this humidor a classic look. The Spanish cedar lining ensures proper humidification, as do the power outlets specially built in for electrical humidifers.

Sale Price: $607.97

The All Shelf Tower Cigar Humidor

This mammoth humidor can hold up to 3000 cigars without breaking a sweat, and it is completely customizable to your needs, with three of the five shelves that can be adjusted in both height and angle and five removable trays with dividers that can be stacked to allow room for boxes. Two A/C power outlets housed within the humidor allow for the multiple electronic humidifiers necessary for such a large interior to be used without running multiple power cords to wall outlets, and the requisite Spanish cedar lining can be viewed with your cigars through a beautiful dual pane beveled glass door. For the serious cigar collector, The All Shelf Tower Cigar Humidor is among the best cabinet humidors for cigars.

Sale Price: $721.97