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Nibo Space 7 Double Flame Butane Lighter-CL-SP7-30 Zoom


Nibo Space 7 Double Flame Butane Lighter

Item Number: CL-SP7

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Sale Price: $20.97

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Product Description


Much like the Space 6, we've cornered the market on NIBO Space 7 Double Flame Butane Lighters. We tried to play it off like we had made some master-level move based on our amazing marketplace intuition, but in all honesty, we just don't how zeroes work.

(How can putting more of them at the end of the number make the number bigger? It just doesn't make any sense.)

Anyhow, we meant to order 3 of them, but got zero-happy and got three thousand. We just wanted a chance to use that little number comma. And now we have a king's ransom of them (as if anyone would pay to ransom a king . . . we'd be more likely to pay them to take the rest of the royals off our hands . . . but we digress . . .)

We suppose you want to hear about the lighter at some point, yeah? Fine. The NIBO Space 7 Double Flame Butane Lighter has the word "Space" in the name because if you tip this lighter upside down and light it, it will act like a mini-rocket and shoot off into a low orbit.

EDIT: Just tested this. Lit the table on fire. Lighter is not a mini-rocket. Lighter did reach escape velocity, however, when we threw it into the air while screaming, "Sweet lord the house is going to burn down! GET THE HUMIDORS!!"

Okay, for real. You get a nifty little cap on top to protect your flame spout when not in use, two flame jets for lighting cigars in all conditions, a single easy-light push button, and all the other bells and whistles you've come to expect from non-gas-station lighters. Grab yourself a NIBO Space 7 Double Flame Butane Lighter, enjoy the best deal on the web, and puff away in peace feeling frugal and wise.

Later y'all.

  • Wind Resistant
  • Dual Torch Flame
  • Fuel Window
  • Unique Futuristic Design
  • Adjustable Flame
  • Universal Refilling Valve

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Metal
Manufacturer Nibo
Warranty 1 Year
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Built in Cutter No
Flame Type Torch
Number of Flames Two


Nibo Space 7 Appears Very GoodReview by Exeter
I have been using inexpensive, convenience store types of these lighters for a while now. While I like the performance, the durability has been poor. (stops working after first refill, etc).

Although I've only had this lighter a few days, it works perfectly every time so far. Looks and feels like a quality piece, very nice and works great outdoors.

Would buy again or recommend in a second.



Vancouver, BC (Posted on 2/17/2015)

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