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Nibo Space 6 Triple Flame Butane Lighter-CL-SP6-30 Zoom


Nibo Space 6 Triple Flame Butane Lighter

Item Number: CL-SP6

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Sale Price: $20.97

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Product Description


If you bought this lighter somewhere else, you probably overpaid for it.

How do we know? Well, once upon a time when we were enjoying cigars and reading the future in the curls of smoke, we foresaw a shortage in the land. Not a shortage of food or water, or even government accountability (there’s always a shortage there). No, friends, we foresaw a shortage of NIBO Space 6 Triple Flame Butane Lighter lighters. So we took action. And we ordered a few thousand of them.

And the lighters came rolling in.

Now, while many other retailers are crawling up the gutter crying out, “Nibo! Nibo! Why have you forsaken me?” we’re sitting pretty on a massive pile of NIBO Space 6 Triple Flame Butane Lighters. As you might expect, like Scrooge McDuck, we poured them into a special chamber and installed a diving board high above so that we could jump into our NIBOs and swim around, luxuriating in our wealth. And every time we’re in an ambulance being rushed to the hospital with broken vertebra after yet another painful dive into a pile of hard-ass lighters, you can see a little smile growing on our faces through the oxygen mask.

We know we’re not running out of NIBO Space 6 Triple Flame Butane Lighters any time soon.

Go ahead – look around! We dare you to find a lower price anywhere, even on Amazon, Groupon Goods, Woot or any other no-good, bottom-feeding, too-big-to-give-you-our-phone-number store. You won’t find it. And if you do, let us know so that we can fix it. Otherwise, this stream of braggery will make us look like total fools.

More than usual, that is.

P.S. Next time, we’ll try to talk about the actual product a little bit. But honestly, if you can’t tell what this thing is from the picture, not even Hamburger University can help you, at this point.

  • Wind Resistant
  • Triple Torch Flame
  • Fuel Window
  • Unique Futuristic Design
  • Adjustable Flame
  • Universal Refilling Valve

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Metal
Manufacturer Nibo
Warranty 1 Year
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Built in Cutter No
Flame Type Torch
Number of Flames Three


Awesome lighter. Fast deliveryReview by Erwin
Lighter is a replacement to same that I had for several years (Posted on 4/17/2018)
replacementReview by Bill
I bought one of these lighters several years ago and lost it recently so HAD to replace it. makes lighting my cigars much easier and the get lit correctly and evenly. (Posted on 6/29/2015)

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