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US Marines Corps Cigar Humidor

Smoking cigars has always been a common bond among Marines. To commemorate someone’s time in the service, the US Marines Cigar Humidor is probably one of the best gifts you can give. We are thankful for our military men and women, and believe they should have the luxury of world-class cigars and humidors.

This custom-engraved humidor has the US Marines logo displayed on the top, with a soft felt bottom for scratch-resistance. The cedar interior maintained humidity levels, keeping up to 50 cigars fresh for your next smoke. The humidifier will keep contents at levels optimal for smoking or aging.

We recommend you season this humidor first. That way the cedar interior stays in good condition and you don’t end up with dry or moldy cigars. With this humidor, and proper care and maintenance, you shouldn’t have to worry about that too much. Just keep an eye on the hygrometer to set your optimal humidity percentage.

This humidor is really a great gift. It adds a sophisticated touch to Marine Corps memorabilia and honors from a past life in the service. We particularly like the design, which can be ordered either in UV printed in color or engraved right onto the box. You can add an engraving under the insignia, or purchase a separate nameplate to really make this gift special. It’s all up to you. We let you customize your order online in just a few steps.

Share a cigar with a friend or a fellow serviceman. You’ll be proud to have this cigar box sitting on your desk or in the den. Plus you’ll get to enjoy the bliss of smoking a fine cigar that’s retained flavor from inside a cedar humidor of the highest quality.