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Mahogany Humidor

The appearance of a mahogany humidor to show off your cigar collection is priceless. Relish in the fact that you have what most smokers only wish they had - a wooden, 600 capacity humidor that sells itself on the value and vintage desig. Only the most refined cigar connoisseurs (or those who shop online for awesome humidors like this) would be able to buy such a collectible.

Our Belmont Glass Door Cigar Humidor holds up to 600 of your favorite cigars, in three removable trays and a separate pull-out drawer. The interior is made of cedar, which retains humidity consistency of your preference. The built-in hygrometer will help you adjust the environment for aging or smoking-ready cigars. And you can’t overlook the unique design, perfectly suited for home or commercial use.

We recommend these for shop owners or seasoned smokers who want to impress with their cigar collection. Wooden humidors have their advantages, including better climate control and an enhanced visual appeal. This one just looks like a genuine antique, which we love.

You could be storing your cigar collection in this mahogany humidor, or you could settle for less. You’ll definitely get the value for your dollar with this fine Belmont piece. We love it, our customers love it, and any tobacconist would definitely recommend it!

You can make this case your own, with our customizing options. Upgrade your humidifiers and and hygrometers, and start seasoning this piece with one of our seasoning kits. Of course if you already have all the gear, you can buy this piece as is. Totally up to you and your needs. We just want to make this