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The Pioneer Double Torch Multi-Tool Lighter-M0203-31 Zoom

The Pioneer Double Torch Multi-Tool Lighter

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Product Description


The life of a trailblazer is not an easy one. Taming the wilds of the world is not for the docile or weak. The early pioneers knew this, and they took on the challenge with vigor. Pioneers were the first to settle the treacherous mountain terrain, the first to traverse the huge deserts and the first to sail across oceans.

One particularly difficult thing about traveling into unknown wilds is that you must carry everything you need on your person. This means everything you carry needs to pull double duty. Everything must serve a purpose, or it has to stay behind. Even your clothes must be useful – no fancy pants here. But, what about the lighters? They are incredibly useful right? To a point, but the plain ol’ wick and flint lighters were not enough for these tamers of the wild. The issue with lighters is that they are not as fool proof as flint and steel, as they can run out of fuel and lose their usefulness.

The pioneers needed to solve this issue, as they loved the luxury of a lighter for their cigars (of course they smoked cigars, all bad asses do). Born of the need of these people was the Pioneer Double Torch Multi-Tool Lighter. This lighter was not merely a simple lighter, no, it was the most efficient and useful lighter anyone had ever seen. Not only was it a lighter that produced a powerful double torch flame (the kind of power the pioneers craved) but it also housed a Multi-tool. This Multi-Tool included: scissors, a file with bottle opener and a knife; all of the basic tools of survival. This innovation was so incredible that this lighter eventually became the most coveted item for a pioneer to carry. Get your hands on this amazing lighter now, before it hits the trail!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Metal
Manufacturer Ever Tech
Warranty 1 Year
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Built in Cutter Yes
Flame Type Torch
Number of Flames Two


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