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Hamilton Table Lighter Zoom

Lotus Hamilton Table Lighter with Built-in Punch Cutter

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Item Number: CL-LT5BC

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Product Description


When it comes to our Founding Fathers we have some sense of respect for how ballsy they were. I mean think about it, a small group of you hate your current country and how the rulers are running it, so you all decided to cause a riot and go find your own land. For one, it's pretty impressive they got away with it and two, they probably had to prepare for a lot including the uncertainty of it all. Hamilton was one of the Founding Fathers, the country's first Secretary of the Treasury, and can still be seen as the face on the nation’s ten dollar bill. He's also known for signing this piece of paper known as the constitution, maybe you've never heard of it.

This Founding Father was prepared to conquer new land and you should be too, that's why the Hamilton Table Lighter with dual Built-in Punch Cutters exists! Obviously it's lighting abilities are very beneficial but it also houses a two foldout cigar punch cutters, that way you're prepared for anything the New World throws at you. Basically what I'm trying to say is the Hamilton Triple Torch Table Lighter with Built-in Punch Cutters is the best thing you will have to offer until you convince all thirteen states to ratify the country's new constitution. So are you ready to for your New World adventure? Then purchase yourself the Hamilton Table Lighter with Built-in Punch Cutters!

  • 3.5 H x 1.875 W x 0.625" D
  • Single Action Push Button Ignition
  • Triple Wind Resistant Torch Flames
  • Twin Fold Out Cigar Punches
  • Lights Up to 11,000 Feet

Additional Information

Additional Information

Width (inches) 1.875
Height (inches) 3.5
Material Metal
Manufacturer Lotus
Warranty 1 Year
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Built in Cutter Yes
Flame Type Torch
Number of Flames Three


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