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Lighter, Cutter, Case Accessories Grab Bag-DEAL-LCC-31 Zoom


Lighter, Cutter, Case Accessories Grab Bag

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Item Number: DEAL-LCC

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The best things in life are those that come unexpected. Those surprise birthday parties, that amazing gift you got that one birthday, that random girl you met at the bar. All of these are great and best of all, all of them came without your prior knowledge. Now imagine if all of your cigar needs were met in the same manner. Well, let's be real. We can’t make it happen for ALL your cigar needs but luckily it is possible for your cigar accessory needs.

With our Lighter, Cutter, Case Accessories Grab Bag you’re putting all of your trust in us to make the right decision on which accessory will be best for your smoking needs. This deal can include any of our unique lighters that we feel represent any true man’s man. Not only our lighters but we're grabbing you some cutter and cases to really complete your accessory grab bag! Everyone wants to be that guy that has the coolest stuff, and with this deal you will be (at least with your cigar accessories). We here at CheapHumidors consider you to be one of us, so why would we ever guide you in the wrong direction?

Please note: lighters will vary (colors, torch flames, style, etc...), our cutters and cases will also vary (sizes and colors). Also the grab bag doesn't actually come in a brown paper bag. So, if you had grand plans like using it to breathe into to keep from hyperventilating while watching your favorite team, or using it to store the two dozen, half-dead batteries you've still got lying around, you may want to consider alternatives.

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