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What You Need to Know About Leather Cigar Travel Cases

Our Leather Travel Cigar Cases

A leather cigar travel case makes for a very popular and attractive option when taking your cigars on a trip. However, these cases may not always be the best solution for every situation. How do you know if a leather cigar travel case is right for you? Let’s take a look.

Leather Makes it Better

There is absolutely no denying the fact that leather looks damn good. A letter cigar case just looks classy. It shows that you care about your cigars and you care about the way you protect them. Leather is so stylish that often times plastic or metal cigar travel cases will be wrapped in leather either entirely or as a trimming, just to perk up the design.

A Leather Cigar Travel Case is Only for Short Trips             

Cigar cases are designed for short trips. Most have a small capacity, and lack any humidifying agent. Due to this design, cigars are only going to last and few days before being noticeably affected by the outside surroundings. Do not leave cigars in your leather case for extended periods of time. If any cigars are left unsmoked when you return from your trip, immediately take them out of the case and put them back in your humidor.

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Leather Can be Less Rigid

On its own, leather offers adequate protection for your cigars, but even the thicker vegetable tanned leather is not as rigid as plastic or stainless steel. On the plus side, that means that the leather itself can move and adapt if it is bumped around, and it will not necessarily crack, dent or split like harder cases would. However, that still leaves leather cases prone to being crushed under heavy weight. You may not want to put your leather cigar travel case in with heavy luggage. As an alternative, if you would like the look of leather but want something more structurally sound, find a cigar case that has a plastic or metal base, but is fully wrapped in leather on the exterior.

Leather is Perfect for Personalization

There will be no confusion over whose cigars are whose if you have custom engraving on your leather cigar case. As a pliable substance, leather is perfect for carving, edging, branding or engraving. And there is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your name or initials carved into something you own. It just makes it that much more yours.

Expandable Models Can Adjust for Cigar Size

A number of leather cigar cases are telescoping; they are made up of two pieces which slide over one another. This overlap closes the case, keeping your cigars protected from harm. The nice thing is, the overlap can be as much or as little as needed, so you can store your longer cigars without need for a longer case than one you would use for your shorter cigars. If you have a lot of different cigars, you can usually any of them in a leather case, provided the case is wide enough. Make sure you to get a case that allows for a ring size that works for you. Many of these cases are built in a “finger” layout and have tubes for each individual cigar, so the width is not adjustable. Cigars wider than the maximum case allowance will not fit, but aside from that, most telescoping leather travel cases will hold up to 8” long cigars without an issue.