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Leather Cigar Holder

So you’re off on a business trip, for the night out with the guys, or on a relaxing weekend away. You of course want to take one (or more) of your favorite smoke to enjoy. The last thing you need is it to be ruined along the way. When taking the cigar out to light it, you find yourself wondering if there was something you could have done to preserve it, which was also easily transportable and reusable…if only…

At an important event with friends, you want to give them their favorite cigar as a means of congratulations. Handing them a lone cigar, you again consider whether you could have presented it in a more chivalrous and astute manner. Well fear not, for such occasions leather cigar holders provide the answer, and thankfully come in a variety of different sizes and styles to accommodate your needs. Check out these three for example:

1) Single - Leather Wrapped Single Stainless Steel Cigar Tube

Single leather cigar holders, such as this understated stainless steel cigar tube, is a foolproof choice for transportation and presentation. This leather-wrapped beauty is certain to keep its cargo intact and fresh. Not only that, it emanates a touch of old school class and attention to detail, without being garish. It’s size means it the fitting companion for an evening out, likewise it can be an upmarket gift-wrap to be used over and over again.

Sale Price: $15.97

2) Double - Two Finger Leather Case

A little larger, but still smooth to travel with, this two finger leather cigar case is just as polished and slick as its single brother. Made from 100% quality leather, this item fits in bags and pockets with no trouble. It is also a telescoping case - this means that it can adjust to fit the size of your chosen cigar, accommodating cigars up to 8 inches long with ease. It will look after your cigars for 1-2 days no trouble, and even comes in your choice of black or brown leather.

Sale Price: $13.97

3) Large - Leather Wrapped 7 Cigar Travel Tube

Finally we come to the 7 cigar. Maybe you're on a camping trip for a week or so, or you want to be the generous one at the party. This is the case for you. It’s certainly a step up; boasting a build in foam humidifier to keep your cigars fresher for longer. It is also lined with Spanish cedar - further ensuring your cigars stay in prime condition - all finished off with a beautiful leather exterior.