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Leather Cigar Case

Off for a weekend away and want something handy and dapper to hold your beloved cigars in? Well search no further, you’re in luck. Leather travel cases not only ooze class, they are also super functional and will ensure your cigars are always fully protected. Not to mention you can make all your friends green with envy as your cigars travel first-class every time, even if you don’t.

The good thing about leather travel cases is their long-lasting durability. If you are on the move, working or traveling a great deal, you know that a quality piece won’t let you down and will last for years to come. Additionally, when it comes to high-quality leather, you don’t have to compromise when it comes to appearance. So whether you are using it daily, weekly or yearly, look for a case which combines both beauty and functionality.

A superb example is this popular six cigar leather travel case. Understated, well-made, opulent yet extremely practical, you are sure to get compliments when pulling this piece of kit out. Whether you're traveling for a few days or just out for the night, this beauty more than does the job; and with style.

Not just a pretty face - although don’t get me wrong it is pleasing to the eye - this case also ensures your cigars are well-looked after. The build in foam humidifier as well as the cedar bed snugly protects your smokes, making certain that no matter what, your cigars are always in the best condition.

Now onto the exterior. Leather is known for its endurance just as much as its attractive appearance, and this piece is no exception. The rich, black PVC leather has also been injected with a contrasting white stitch around the boarder, making a simple yet eye-catching design. It is also the perfect size (7.25 by 10.75 inches) so you're able to easily take it anywhere, from the golf course to the bar. In terms of quantity, the elegant slide out cedar bed can hold up to six cigars - though if you have less due to the interiors smart design they will still be perfectly protected and will not be bashed around and damaged. All in all, a solid purchase for yourself or others that will have longevity and stay on trend for years to come.

Sale Price: $35.97