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Leather Cigar Cases Are Classy

Take a look at our Handsome Leather Cases

Leather Cigar Cases Look Classy
Leather is as versatile as it is classically handsome. There is a wonderful reverence given to leather items. Leather items are crafted. Leather is beautiful. That statement will be made every time you take out your cigars. The thick vegetable-tanned leather that makes up your cigar case is rugged enough for taking your cigars out on the town, and looks very good while doing the job.

Many “Leather” Cases Are Combined with Other Materials
There are certainly some leather cases that are 100% leather surrounding your cigars, but other times the leather is only used as an accessory. This may end up being the best of both worlds, as both metal and plastic cases can offer a more rigid protection than leather alone. While thicker leather works very well to protect your cigars for short excursions, you may want to explore your options when picking a case for a trip with a lot of jostling (such as storing cigars in a suitcase on a long trip).

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Many times thinner pieces of leather are added as a wrapping over a metal or a plastic case. Leather makes a great visual accessory so wrapping leather on the outside can make a plastic or metal case look classy. Typical metal and plastic tubes can look boring, but with a little leather, they look positively stylish.

Leather Cigar Cases are Not for Long Term Storage
Leather cases by themselves are only good for one to two days of cigar storage. Leather cases are fancy looking, but don’t think for a second that it makes them a substitute for humidors. Leather cigar cases are not designed to keep cigars for extended periods of time. Remember, most leather cases are only large enough for one or a few cigars, and don’t have any room for humidifying media. Your cigars will dry out if left in a leather case for an extended period of time. Now, there are some leather-built travel humidors, which do sport a small humidifier (and some even have a lining of cedar inside). Those will help for longer trips, but over the course of months of storage, nothing replaces a proper humidor.

Expandable Models Can Adjust for Cigar Size
Many leather cigar cases are telescoping. Telescoping cases are made up of two pieces which slide over the other, so as long as there is some overlap, the case can be considered closed and protecting your cigars inside. This is a nice feature for a cigar case since it allows for longer cigars to be stored without need for a longer case. If you have a lot of different cigars, you can usually any of them in a leather case. Most leather cases will hold up to 8” long cigars without an issue. Just be sure to get a case that allows for a ring size that works for you. Even on a telescoping case, the ring size cannot be adjusted so cigars wider than the maximum case allowance will not fit.

Leather is Easy to Engrave
Custom Engraving is extremely easy on leather cases, since leather is pliable enough to take carving, etching or branding. Personalized items always feel just a little more special to the owner, and putting your mark on your special hobby will bring a sense of pride every time you use your leather cigar case. Plus, no one can ever claim that the leather case left out is theirs and try to sneak away your smokes.