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Jetline Triple Flame Pocket Torch Lighter-CL-JL-PT3-31 Zoom


Jetline Triple Flame Pocket Torch Lighter

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Item Number: CL-JL-PT3

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Product Description


The power of three is well known and well documented in human history. Courts since time immemorial have used three judges (a “tribunal”), cameras are positioned on three legs (a “tripod”), and we all know that the Two Stooges would never have worked.

You have to have three. It’s the magic number.

To pay homage to that fact, we humbly offer you the JetLine Triple Pocket Torch lighter. Instead of one puny flame, or two flames that struggle to support each other, you get the world’s most perfect number of torch flames: three. When this lighter fires up, you'll know it.

That way, when you're smoking three cigarettes or cigars at once, as all real smokers do, you won't have any problem lighting up. Even if the wind is up, you won't have an issue! Those smokes are going to light up easily.

What? You don’t smoke three at a time? It’s like you don't even want full flavor!

One single smoke at a time just isn't enough. You must know that by now. And two just looks silly. You need a nice line of three to really get the flavor to each part of your tongue. Pay no attention to those people who said that this advice made them “dizzy”, “pass out”, or “have a cardiac event.” Cardiac events are the spice of life! If you aren't having any cardiac events, how do you know your heart is even beating at all?

You don't, because it isn’t. It’s waiting for you to step up your game and get some real smoke going. Until then, it’s sleeping.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, the JetLine Triple Pocket Torch.

Neat lighter. Simple flip cap. Three strong flames. Cool look.

Get it – you won't be sorry!

(Unlike the dark day when you decide to smoke three smokes at a time. You’ll definitely be sorry then.)

(You did know we were just kidding about that triple-smoking feat, right?)

  • Triple Flame Butane Pocket Torch
  • Adjustable and Refillable
  • Dual Action Ignition
  • Clear Bottom Fuel Gauge

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Plastic
Manufacturer Jetline
Warranty 1 Year
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Built in Cutter No
Flame Type Torch
Number of Flames Three


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