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The All Shelf Tower Cigar Humidor-HUM-2000-SHELF-30 Zoom


The All Shelf Tower Cigar Humidor

Item Number: HUM-2000-SHELF

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Product Description


This humidor has so many options you will spend a week playing with all the combinations. Three of the shelves are adjustable to allow you to make them not only higher and lower, but also you can angle them to see your cigars. Or perhaps you want to store your sticks in one of the spanish cedar trays. Or you can stack the trays and store boxes. I mean really, you can do anything with this box. And the color is just gorgeous. You won't be disappointed when you get this one in your house.

The most bang for your buck around. This large box will hold everything from singles to boxes to spare airplane parts. It is just huge!

NOTE: Hygrometer included is for decorative purposes only. This humidor is shipped on a pallet in a truck. As a result it can only be sent within the United States and Canada. This item must be signed for and inspected in person for delivery.

*Please note: does not include humidifier or hygrometer. This item must be shipped via FedEx Freight service. Please see the FedEx Freight shipping policy here.

  • Holds up to 3000 Cigars
  • Dual Pane Tempered Beveled Glass Door
  • 1 Plastic Hygrometer with Brass Frame
  • 5 Shelves (3 adjustable) for Box Storage
  • 5 Removable Trays with Dividers
  • Lined with Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • Gold Plated Lock & Key, Knob and Hidden Piano Hinges
  • 2 Interior A/C Outlets
  • Rich Oak Finish or Rich Cherry Finish

This item is shipped from an alternate warehouse location in Weston, FL. Please allow additional processing time.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Length (inches) 22.5
Width (inches) 16.5
Height (inches) 72
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Quality Importers
Cigar Capacity 2000
Humidor Trays 5
Humidifier Included No
Hygrometer Included No


An Awesome Cabinet!Review by Matthew
I was searching for a stand up cabinet humidor. After receiving several good leads and sites, I happened upon Cheap Humidors. While I am reluctant to take the lowest bidder—for obvious reasons—I carefully researched the humidor and read the recommendations. With that stated, I want to give an honest evaluation to help someone else who may be interested in buying this unit.

The All Shelf Tower humidor arrived in a little over a week; the staff was great at returning my emails and making sure that I was informed about shipping.

The humidor was sent via FedEx. I was a little scared when I saw the shipping weight at 224 pounds, but that must have been the added pallet weight. The FedEx man was not supposed to help me get it into the house, but I bribed him with a nice Monetcristo Classic, ha-ha. After that I was on my own. Once in the door, the 6' tall cardboard freight looked big. The cabinet was shipped inside a large molded styrofoam container, for protection, which was wrapped in plastic and then inserted into thick cardboard. The quality of the humidor is very good, except I can't give five stars, as that would be perfect—the door does not align "perfectly" at the top—maybe this happened in shipping (?), but I wasn't sending it back! For a type A OCD person, it can be a tiny bit bothersome—but not really—it's got cigars inside of it! This is a really attractive unit!

The hygrometer can be calibrated, but I don't use it, as I have an electronic one that comes with the humidification device I purchased (more on that below).So, basically the hygrometer is aesthetic. You have to put this into the allocated spot for it. All trays, casters (wheels), and hardware are inside the unit labeled neatly in a box.

The unit has five shelves, three of which, have the ability to be placed at your discretion. I like mine slanted upwards, so that I can see my sticks, but unfortunately, two of the shelves are permanent and cannot be moved on an angle—they are the middle two and lay flat—no big deal really. The 3 moveable shelves are held in place by small pegs (think peg board sides in the unit), which fit into pre-cut notches on the bottom of each shelf. Each shelf has two parts—(1) a sturdy bottom that has pre-cut notches (2) to hold and stabilize the tray, which sit on top of the shelf—the trays actually hold the cigars—both are fully cedar. This has great benefits. If you store cigars, as I do, then being able to pull out a whole tray of cigars and rotate them from the top shelf, to the bottom shelf (without touching your sticks or moving a shelf) can be done easily and helps maintain a good humidity fluctuation (between 66-70), so that your cigars do not stagnate and stop fermenting. We all know that humidity rises—so every 3 months, I plan on rotating my trays. All 5 shelves have top trays—this means that all trays, fully loaded, can be rotated.

The Cabinet does not come with a humidification device—you will need to buy one separately. I purchased the Cigar Oasis XL and in less than 24 hours, the unit was at a factory primed 70* humidity level. But, I re-set the Oasis for 68* as I like my sticks a tiny bit lower, knowing the top shelf will get to 70. The Oasis rocks, as it turns on and off with a small fan motor, when the unit dips below the set 68*. Plus, the Oasis XL has an electronic hygrometer with a a six foot cable, attached to the humidifier. This allows you to place the hygrometer on the top and get instant readings (even wifi and from your app on your phone). The All Shelf Humidor has a built in power outlet (two 120V prong). It had to be installed, but took literally two minutes.

It's been about one month since I bought the All Shelf Humidor. The wafting aromas of cedar, have now begun to take note in some of my cigars—which is just what I wanted. It's like having my own store in my home. Even my wife commented on the attractiveness of the unit and friends are a bit jealous. So far, it's a great cabinet and I'm so excited to have it—sometimes I just sit and stare at my collection.

I would highly recommend Cheap Humidors and this particular unit. (Posted on 8/11/2016)
Great tower Review by James
I really like the all shelf tower humidor. It has lots of room for all my stooges. It was easy to set up and get going. If you need a lage humidor I would highly recommend the all shelf tower and Cheap Humidors. (Posted on 4/1/2016)
GreatReview by BA
Big and beautiful (Posted on 3/17/2016)
I love this Tower Humidor. No Thrills all shelves with Trays. You really don't need drawers for the cigars. It will fit more cigars then advertised if its a smaller ring gauge. Beautiful work of art and Craftsmanship is fantastic. I just wish I got 2 towers or a Bigger One. You cant go wrong with this Tower. (Posted on 3/1/2015)

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