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Glass Jar Humidor - Don't do it

People search all the time for cheap glass jar humidors. They seem convenient, portable, and look rather nice in your collection of cigar accessories. But, we’ve learned through years of experience that glass may not be your best bet when shopping for your next humidor.

First of all, glass products won’t be cheap. Nor will they be all that portable. Glass breaks easily, and is more expensive than other materials for humidor production, which makes a true glass jar humidor somewhat impractical for the consumer. Yes, they do look good, but if you’re looking for aesthetics you may as well invest in a glass humidor for your home.

We recommend you try an acrylic cigar jar instead, for both your convenience and budget. Acrylic jars look like glass, have the same functionality, but are durable and sold cheaper than a traditional glass humidor. We like them, and believe you would too.

You would probably like our 25 Count Acrylic Cigar Jar just as much as any glass jar, if not more. Its damage-resistant, lightweight, and has a humidifier built into the design. We know that these glass jars hold up to frequent transportation better than any other jar-style humidor.

This jar holds up to 25 cigars at a time. The built-in humidifier will keep your cigars in a comfortable environment for aging or smoking as you please. Stainless steel clasps, air-tight sealers, all designed to keep cigars fresh and flavorful. You may like this even more than your glass or wooden humidors!