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Personalized Leather Wrapped Flask

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Product Description


You know what the problem with bars is? No, it’s not the fact that you can't just reach over and grab your own liquor. And no, it’s not that they won’t let you put your head under the taps when you’re thirsty. No – the problem with bars is that they’re in fixed locations.

They don't move!

When you leave the bar and you're walking down the street, you can't just tap the nearest person on the shoulder, plunk down a bill, and ask for a nice double scotch. That only works like, one in a million times. And we don't have time for those odds, do we? No. When we need a drink, we need a sure thing.

Enter the flask – the greatest invention since the stuff that goes in it.

With the mighty flask, you gain the power to pour yourself a drink anywhere you go. And you don't even need a glass. Just tip ‘er back and you’re headed to Happy Town. Now, when you’re stuck at a recital, dinner with the in-laws, or a red light, you can just open it up and start boozin’!

Wait. Scratch that “red light” comment. Drinking and driving is a bad idea. Stick to smoking and driving.

Anyhow, this flask comes in a handsome light brown leather, so you can look sophisticated while becoming incredibly unsophisticated. And engraving is available, so you can throw your initials on there at no charge. Or, you can put down the initials of your favorite scapegoat so that when the cops put the cuffs on you, you can say, “It’s not mine. I'm just holding it for a friend!”

That one works every time.

And by works, we mean, “Works to amuse the police.”

But it’s still a good plan. You're going to have to get on somebody’s good side if you're going to get that delicious plastic bologna sandwich while you sober up in the local drunk tank.

Where were we going with this? Oh yeah, buy a flask.

Buy many, many flasks.

  • Made from High Quality Stainless Steel
  • Holds 6 Ounces of Liquid

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer CheapHumidors
Material Metal
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Warranty 1 Year


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