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Engraved Humidor

So you have decided to move from an occasional smoker to a seasoned aficionado. No longer should you cigars sit, drying out and making the place look untidy. What you need is a humidor. But how do you choose what humidor to purchase? After all some of them can be extremely expensive, and you want to ensure you’re getting the best quality.

A general tip is the buy for double the amount you need; for example you want to store 25 cigars, buy a 50 cigar humidor. You don’t want to be squeezing your cigars and leaving some old cold in a year's time. Secondly, think about where and what you would like to use it for. Is it for the office? For travel?  If it's for the home, if so for which room?

If you are considering getting a large humidor, remember this is the same as buying a piece of furniture and it needs to compliment the aesthetic of the room. Next, you need to look at the humidor itself. What is the seal like, what is it lined with? The most popular choice, and with good reason, is kiln dried Spanish cedar, which ensures humidity control and fragrantly accents the cigars themselves. And finally, does the company provide a warranty.  Of course remember to do your own research online for a product and not to use your humidor until it has been seasoned.

As mentioned above, when it comes to large humidors you need to treat this purchase as if you're buying a new piece of furniture. Think about the decoration, palate and style in the room; your humidor will need to fit within that whilst also standing alone as an interesting piece all of its own. An engraving on this adds even more aesthetic value to an item, so you should consider carefully what design would fit in most comfortably.

A beautiful statement piece is the Chancellor 300 Count Glass Top Cigar Humidor. A stand alone item finished with an elegant high gloss mahogany finish, the glass top, which can be delicately engraved to your specifications certainly evokes a certain feeling of style. The exterior is finished with a traditional, attractive hygrometer. Inside holds more intrigue, with a total of 6 adjustable divider to store up to 300 cigars in. Of course, such a piece is lined with Spanish cedar, and it also has two foam humidifiers to ensure it’s not just a pretty face. Finally, the Chancellor even comes with a lock and key, so you’re always in control.

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