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Engraved Cigar Humidor

After taking the leap and committing to being a full-blown cigar enthusiast to expert, you owe it to yourself (and your cigars) to purchase a quality humidor. If you want your cigars to be properly stored, humidors are a must. Although it might seem expensive to acquire one at first, it makes sense in the long term as their longevity and quality mean they pay for themselves in the long run. No wasted cigars here. If you’re spending you hard-earned cash on a bevy of beautiful cigars, then there is no reason to waste them by settling them in a sub-par humidor!


Engraving your humidor incorporates an extra touch of opulence and personality to your piece.   Luckily, you can get high-end items engraved with different designs, making them wholly unique and personal to you. Here are our top picks for engraved humidors:


1) The Engraved Capri Cigar Humidor

Ideal for those with a smaller collection but who don't wish to compromise on style, this humidor exudes a classical elegance. It has SureSeal technology, meaning your cigars are always in prime condition, and is also lined with Spanish cedar. Small touches like the felt bottom, brass hinges and exquisite mahogany exterior all combine to create one magnificent humidor. There are nine different style of engraving to choose from, personalizing your humidor to your exact taste.

2) The Engraved Squire Desktop Humidor

Suited for either travel or home, this swish humidor does all it needs to do, and with panache. Available in 3 colors (cherry, black and burl) and with 10 different engraving styles to choose from; ranging from simple vintage designs to a rock n roll skull, you can customize this humidor to your hearts content. You can even add a brass nameplate to further personalize this to your hearts content. This item holds 20 cigars, and boasts a humidifier, Spanish cedar lining, brass hinges and a felt bottom. A stylish shape and convenient size, it makes for a great gift - especially if you're buying for yourself.

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3) The Engraved Traveler 10 Cigar Humidor

They say good things come in small packages, and this my friends is no exception. Don't be fooled by its exterior, this humidifier is a quality piece of kit with SureSeal technology, Spanish cedar lining and humidifier as standard. The opulent mahogany is offset by the 10 different engraving designs available, so you can have your design, initials, name or all 3. A unique traveling companion that others are sure to covet.