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Custom Military Cigar Humidor

For those who have been or still are in the forces, a customized cigar humidor can be a thoughtful gift to show your appreciation and care. Based on the size, they can be used to keep cigars intact during travel, or be a welcome addition in any office or home. Custom engraving adds further ownership and uniqueness to a gift that is certain to be cherished. When it comes to what you want engraved on the humidor, you can choose to have an insignia, call-sign or unit logo - adding even more personality and charm to this individual and thoughtful present. Let’s review two of the military specific humidors on offer here:


1) The US Cigar Humidor

Available for all branches of the forces, including the Army, Air force, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy, these exquisitely made humidors certainly have a classic style. They can comfortably store up to 50 cigars, and are lined with Spanish cedar, ensuring freshness. The rich mahogany exterior can be engraved or UV printed onto - depending on your preference - with the insignia required. You can also choose to have further engraving work completed underneath, and even a brass nameplate if you so desire. This all accumulates into a wonderfully considerate gift that is certain to be thoroughly enjoyed.


2) The Ammo Can Humidor

This is such an interesting piece - and of course bound to be a conversation starter! The cool thing about this humidor is they were actually used in service - I know what a unique and awesome addition to a cigar collection. It also work as an excellent humidor too: waterproof, airtight and with the capacity to hold from 30-50 cigars. Again, you have you choice of insignia, and for this item you get to choose whether you prefer the humidor in its original, distressed form, or in its refurbished one. Pretty neat. This humidor is great for someone who travels around but doesn’t want to forget their roots; its certainly an ideal partner for any adventure you have planned. Also, the refurbishing procedure of adding the Spanish cedar inlay is completed by veterans, and all the cans are purchased from military surplus auctions, further making this piece a unique remainder and supporter of our armed forces.

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