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Custom Cigar Cutters

With so many different types of cutter around nowadays, its hard to decide which one is best for you and your needs as a smoker. Single, double, v-cut, punch; it relies on your preference and the type of cigar you enjoy to smoke.


A guillotine cutter, especially the single one, is probably the most popular, and usually costs the least. It is easy to use, and moves in a quick, clean motion to take the cap off. Sharp and accurate, this classic cut is a good choice for any smoker.


When you get onto the dual blade, you tend to see a more serious smoker emerging. You want a high quality, attractive cutter which will give you a precise cut without wasting any of your cigar. A positive of this type is it lessens the chance of the wrapper being damaged or torn when cut, thanks to the efficient second blade. When pushing the cutter together, both blades meet in the middle, meaning there is no lag. These are of a similar design to the single, making them extremely easy to use, even for the inexperienced smoker.


Regardless of whether you choose the single or double, the aim is to remove as little of the cigar cap as possible, whilst also making a razor sharp cut. A favored way to do this is to put the cutter on a flat surface, place the cigar inside then quickly and decisively push, resulting in a consistent cut.


When it comes to choosing your cigar cutter, why not choose a customized piece to show off your individual style and taste. Here are a few you can choose from:


1) Xikar Xi Cigar Cutter

Available in either gold, titanium, black or silver, this handy and sturdy cutter has a long career ahead of it. It has a great reputation, and with good reason. One of the unique aspects of this brand of cutter is the spring, which means it operates in a similar motion to a switchblade always making a super sharp cut. It rests in a closed position, meaning it is safe and easy to carry around. The stainless steel blades are also subject to free re-sharpening, truly making it a quality cutter that has endurance.

Sale Price: $46.97

2) Colibri Slice Double Blade Cigar Cutter

This well-made double blade cigar cutter has a smart and stylish design, and will cut cigars up to 64 gauge with ease. Rubber grips on the side 14.make it super simple and secure to use. A spring loaded release results in a sharp cut, and it even comes in 3 different styles: silver carbon fiber, thunder grey and the ever-popular black and gunmetal.