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Cresset Triple Torch Table Lighter with Built-in Punch Cutter

Item Number: CL-M0308

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Product Description


It's always good to be prepared for anything life may throw at you, like a doomsday situation, you especially want to be prepared for when the power goes out. Clearly, in today's society we are very used to consistent power and electricity that operates our modern world. What would you do if one day all of that goes away? Well lucky you, there's loads of history books that explain how people existed in such electricity-barren times. One of the most common devices used were Cressets. The Cressets are a metal cup or basket often mounted on a pole or suspended from above, containing oil, pitch, a rope steeped in rosin, etc, burned as a light or beacon. So obviously this was used as a light source and sometimes useful when you are in need of a light by the fire. But could there be a more useful Cresset in the world, one that could provide a tool along with it's light?

Thankfully the Cresset Triple Torch Table Lighter with Built-in Punch Cutter exists! Obviously it's lighting abilities are beneficial with the Cresset but it also houses a retractable cigar punch cutter. Basically what I'm trying to say is the Cresset Triple Torch Table Lighter with Built-in Punch Cutter is your best bet for cigar doomsday prepping. Better safe than sorry right? So purchase yourself a Cresset Table Lighter or two, or three... I mean, you never know how many Cressets may be needed. It's like having backup flashlights but it doesn't require batteries; it does require butane sooo you might want to stock up on that too. Hey I'm not trying to break the bank, I'm just pointing out the essentials that will be needed once doomsday is upon us.

We all love a good plan of action so screw the people that make fun of your tin-foil hat doomsday fearing self and start prepping! Now it just comes down to your only two options; perish with the rest of the world or survive with the Cresset Triple Torch Table Lighter with Built-in Punch Cutter. I know you will make the correct choice in preserving your life with the purchase of the Cresset Table Lighter.

  • 1" W x 4" H
  • Removable Cap
  • Gunmetal Finish
  • Visible Fuel Window
  • Built-in Punch Cutter
  • Triple Wind-Resistant Flames

Additional Information

Additional Information

Width (inches) 1
Height (inches) 4
Material Metal
Manufacturer Ever Tech
Warranty 1 Year
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Built in Cutter Yes
Flame Type Torch
Number of Flames Three


A great stay at home lighter, love the gunmetal finishReview by Randy
The Cresset Table top lighter is a great cigar lighter, the triple flame head has more than enough heat to get a full even burn on the end of any cigar including the 60 plus ring gauge varieties I prefer. It has a nice weight and feels good in your hand with a great gun metal finish. Now for a table top lighter you maybe a little disappointed in terms of it's size, not that size matters, really guys size doesn't matter!!! anyway I would describe the Cresset as a baby table top lighter. In addition to having this lighter on your desk, table or bar top you could easily throw the Cresset in your golf bag or tackle box, however I'm sure the detached lighter cap would quickly go missing in those situations. The punch tool is easy to use and will give you an average diameter hole to draw through, personally I would use a separate and larger punch that I have in my tool kit, but in a pinch or for smaller cigars it will work fine. For the price point a great value, now only time will prove out the long term quality. (Posted on 7/4/2018)

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