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Five Cigar Leather Telescoping Travel Case

Buy the Five Cigar Leather Telescoping Travel Case for your college buddy who likes to mooch cigars off you every time he visits because he doesn't want his cigars to break or dry out during travel.

This nifty number telescopes to any size cigar he would want to bring. And it holds up to five of them, so unless it's a prolonged visit, there won't be any need for you to subsidize him from your precious stash of stogies. And it's lined with Spanish cedar, which will protect the cigars along with keeping them from getting all dried out. Not to mention it smells good. And it's Spanish - which makes it cool.

Made from quality bonded leather with classy stitching, you should be proud to carry this around. Unlike your buddy's absurd leather pants he has taken to wearing ever since he stopped shaving and joined a band playing cowbell. Nonetheless, this cigar case will fit right in with his newfound appreciation of leather.

The leather takes engraving quite nicely, too, so you can personalize the gift with that nickname he got in college that he was hoping everyone had forgotten about. That one. The engraving will look great on the case and it will remind your buddy of his humble roots, along with prompting a good hearty chortle from all present as you tell the story behind the nickname. Ha!!

So take away your buddy's excuse for mooching your cigars every time he visits by presenting him with the Five Cigar Leather Telescoping Travel Case. It won't stop him from making a fool of himself at the beach. Nor will it stop him from raiding the liquor cabinet and fridge while you're at work. But at least he'll have to bring his own cigars from now on. And that's something. Plus, it's a nice gesture and he'll be obligated to buy the first round when you go out for drinks.

  • Holds up to 5 Churchills
  • Spanish Cedar Lined
  • Telescopes to Fit Various Cigar Sizes

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Very nice case!

This is great value for the money! Beautiful leather case for five of my favs! Love it!

Good product

I bought 4 of these for the wedding party and they are very nice. They are sturdy, the cutter was nicer than I expected and they just all around look nice. Pleasantly surprised by them!

Excellent quality!

I don't often write reviews unless the item FAR exceeds expectations. This is a great case at a ridiculous price point for the quality. Use it for cigars to be kept in my motorcycle saddlebags. Better quality than any of the cigar shops frequent.

Five Stars

Premium look and feel. Just high quality.

Five Stars

Works perfectly.