The Personalized Empire Single Flame Table Lighter

The Empire Single Flame Table Lighter is a heavy piece of cigar machinery. This five-inch tall butane lighter may look like a stun gun from a science fiction movie, but it is designed for the cigar aficionado.  The easy-pull ignition, adjustment wheel, and flame lock make this the ideal table lighter for your cigar enjoyment. For a limited time, get your initials printed on it for free!

  • Refillable and Adjustable
  • Single Torch Flame
  • Large Ignition Lever
  • Easy Adjustment Wheel
  • Flame Lock

*The color of the engraving will vary among the lighters

*Engraving adds additional processing time

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael F.
Excellent inexpensive go-to lighter

This is my go-to table lighter. Holds a good amount of fuel, and the adjustable single flame allows precision in lighting the cigar. Personalised monogramming is a nice touch. Wish Dave could keep the black ones in stock. Five stars!

Robert Shearer
Worth it

I’m going to have to get more. My friends who swipe my cigars are now after my lighter.